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Apr 16, 2012 05:50 AM

Where can I find "Ruby 18" tea from Taiwan?

There's apparently a relatively new tea from Taiwan called Ruby 18. It's available by mail order, but has anyone seen it locally? Heard about this on Splendid Table Jan 2011 (just listening to some old podcasts now).

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  1. You could try Upton Tea. Look them up.

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    1. re: lergnom

      Here is the link to Upton for Ruby Tea: Upton is located in Holliston, MA.

      1. re: Crazy Egg

        Awesome! Thanks CrazyEgg & lergnom.

        1. re: Guido

          Upton is mail order, but they're local, and their selection and quality are outstanding. I prefer MEM's chai blend to anything that Upton offers, but other than that I buy almost all of my tea from Upton.