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Apr 16, 2012 05:16 AM

Indian Grocers in Savannah?

Spending a month in Savannah and wondered if there was any recommended Indian grocery store in the area. Or is there a good market that would sell fresh curry leaves? Thanks.

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  1. Hi, cook262. For Indian pantry items, I shop at Shivam Indian Grocery at 54 W Montgomery Cross Road. That's on the north side of Monty X-Road between White Bluff Road and Abercorn Extension. It's located around to the back of a small strip shopping center laid out perpendicular to the road - it's a little squirrelly to find. I don't know whether they have fresh curry leaves or not, but their phone number is 912-925 6677.

    Many fresh spices etc can be obtained locally at The Fresh Market off Abercorn Street south of DeRenne, although I don't know whether they carry fresh curry leaves.

    Hope you enjoy your stay in Savannah.

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      Thanks for the info. I did go to Shivam and alas, they were out of fresh curry leaves and not sure when they will get them in again. I did like Shivam alot, though. I will call Fresh Market. If no luck there, perhaps I should post a request for Fresh Curry Leaves rather than Indian Grocers...I assumed that all Indian grocers carried them. My Indian friends in Philly always cook with them and so I assumed it a "required" staple

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      1. where do we find indian resturant in savannah and in pooler

        1. Hi,
          i shop at Asian grocery stores and often they carry Indian staples, spices, and herbs.
          In Savannah my favorite is Chinatown Food Market on Price St.
          The owners are a hard-working very knowledgeable couple, she is usually at the front with the cash and he is around in the back stocking. They are both very very helpful and if they can get it for you they will.
          They have an amazing selection of rice!
          Indian stuff mainly in the 3rd and 4th aisle.
          The walk-in is for customers - lots and lots of herbs, greens, every kind of tofu and exotic food and wonderful fair prices.
          Great imported items (Indian included) in the many freezer cases.
          I was just there today so this is very fresh in my mind. Btw, I am eating brown jasmine rice with picked radish, tempura fish cake, steamed long beans, fresh daikon radish and crunchy fresh bean sprouts. With fish sauce and sweet chili sauce. Yummm
          Enjoy :)
          Love this place!!!

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