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Apr 16, 2012 04:36 AM

Quick dinner in Hyannis with a 6-year-old who loves lobster?

Hello all - we will be spending one night in Hyannis this week at the Cape Codder (only so our 6-year-old can enjoy the pool for a day.) Can you recommend a quick, nearby restaurant? We are totally unfamiliar with the Cape. We are all lobster lovers but we will try anything. Thanks for any recommendations!

(Also open to tourist suggestions if you have any. Thanks!)

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  1. Cooke's in Hyannis, just across the street from your hotel is a quick, order at the counter and they bring the food to your table, family restaurant. They'll have lobster rolls and boiled lobster dinner. It's a bit pricey for what it is, especially lobster items, and there is no ambiance, but it is quick and the food is pretty good. Very good fried seafood, except the clams, but the broiled food is just okay. Spanky's Clam Shack, down on the harbor in downtown Hyannis is a full service restaurant on the pier. Your son may enjoy a walk along the small harbor area to look at the boats before or after dinner. It's a bit touristy, but many like it for what it is, and the menu is far more extensive than Cooke's. You can find the menu here:

    Side note: If you want to see the best of the Cape take a ride down route 6A along the bay. Its a scenic ride, especially Sandwich through Barnstable, where you'll see many antique captains homes, small eclectic shops, and many plants in full bloom this early spring. Notable stops, you can Google Map for directions, that the whole family would enjoy are the Mass. State Fishery in Sandwich, Barnstable Harbor, and the boardwalk at Grey's beach in Yarmouthport. Corporation beach is especially kid friendly and lovely in Dennis. It's worth it to drive all the way through Dennis, Brewster (a short detour off 6A to see the herring run at Stony Brook Grist Mill is a must this time of year when the herring are swimming upstream to spawn) and into Orleans where you can hop back on the highway (Rte 6) and head back to Hyannis. The ride back on the highway is about 25 mins. Enjoy our beautiful "island" and report back here!

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      Thanks so much for the quick response and great information. You're a great help. I appreciate it.

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        don't have anything to add about lobster but your 6 year old may like the playground at barnstable / west barnstable elementary school off of 6a between the barnstable village and rt132 intersection. its a big hit with the younger (much younger) generation.