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Apr 16, 2012 04:15 AM

How big are servings at Tacubaya, Berkeley?

I'm planning to pick up food from Tacubaya for a get-together I'm hosting for a few friends. There will be about 7-8 people for a light meal. I was thinking of getting a bunch dishes to be shared: a couple chips and salsa, a salad, a couple orders of black beans, maybe a tostada, and then getting 1 order of either quesadillas or tacos per person. There will also be dessert after. And horchata.

Does that sound like it should be enough for a light, picnic-style meal? I haven't eaten there in a while and can't remember how big the portions are on any of those dishes.

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  1. I remember the servings as small. I could be wrong but I think the menu price is per taco ($3.15) in which case 1 taco per person is probably too little even for a light meal. But it would be easy enough for you to call them and find out what they recommend.

    1. Picante off Gilman might serve you better if volume is desirable. They have a catering biz as well as the regular menu. Might be able to order items by the pound and tortillas instead of individual tacos.

      1. I think an order of chips and salsa, a tostada, an order of black beans, and a couple of tacos would be a light meal for two.

        1. Had lunch there Friday, it took 3 tacos to fill this medium-sized, middle-age and middle-class man.

          1. i think 1 torta al pastor is pretty filling, (and delicious) or 2 tacos would be about right, with all the other stuff.

            i love tacubaya.