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Apr 16, 2012 03:59 AM

DD Barbecue - Sterling, VA

I think we have the real deal here folks! I made it by yesterday, and by made it by, I *Barely made it by! They were sold out of everything but pulled pork and beef ribs.

So first, some basics outside of the history of my questions on this board. It's a family operation (Father named Kerry and his daughter were working when I stopped by). Kerry does this most every weekend (and it sounded like throughout the year).

He has a very nice smoker on a trailer. Two 8 foot long tubes, side by side, so he can control the wood used and temperature in each barrel. Each side also has a warming station, and then he has some peripherals like a grill, and places to cook more liquid items.

He said he gets going late on Friday night (though I think he's not open for business at this time - just getting the wood going). He said that the Shell station he parks at is wanting him to go 7 days a week, but I'm assuming he has another job during the week.

He has many items on the menu at any time and seems to have fun and be creative. While listening to the list of sides he'll sometimes make I lost track, but I know that even asparagus was in the list!

So the meat:

The Pork: not the usual pulled pork style, but more cubed, and oh SO delicious. I probably wouldn't have ordered this, but it was only one of two things left and I was attempting to feed my family. Holy smokes though! This is some good stuff. Falls apart easily, great smoke taste, and sauce on the side (Steve - you paying attention?)

The ribs: Sort of a small order for the price but I think this is actually a factor that I stopped by near the end of the whole operation for the weekend. And again - Holy Cow! This is the real deal. No sauce on it, but very flavorful and definitely slow cooked for a long time over smoke.

Perhaps the biggest thing I didn't like is the sauce on the side. Not sure if it's a brand he picks up, but I assume so, and it just didn't add much to the meat. If anything could improve, it's the sauce - but again it's served on the side so you can do with it what you want if you know this in advance.

No real sitting area that I recall. I think it's mainly to pick up and move on.

I'm going back, and soon, and would love to hear anyone else's take on the place. I did ask if early lunch time on Saturday is best and Kerry confirmed that generally that's the safest time to get the best stuff.

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  1. Yes, I'm paying attention - I'll be there the first chance I get. I once had a cubed pork sandwich in East Tennessee that I still dream about - I couldn't believe how tender it was.

    But I think I'm going to need coordinates to find this place.....

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      1. re: monkeyrotica

        That address is correct. It's on Rt. 7, just West of Dranesville Rd, on the North side of Rt 7. It's before Thai by Thai (but if you go that far, it's easy to backtrack by the side road and behind the Shell station.

        1. re: Dennis S

          What time do you think they run out of food? I can't get there before 2:00-2:30p.

          1. re: comestibles

            I went on Sunday around 5pm. They did mention that a couple of hours prior there was a large group that came by and bought a lot of food from them.

            I expect that if you go on Saturday, then nearly anytime will be good, but Kerry did say the trick was having enough without cooking too much. He said many items stay on the smoker for 12 hours or more.

            He does have a call ahead number on his card, but I left it at home. I'll try to post that tonight.

            1. re: Dennis S

              There are two numbers to try for the call ahead, etc.

              703-517-8179 and 571-926-4019

              1. re: Dennis S

                Thanks for all the information. I'll probably check this place out after my class at Tysons this Saturday.

    1. Dennis, I must have just missed you, I was there the same day but earlier. I came at 11:30'ish and they weren't ready so I went up to the river for a walk. Came back at noon and there were 4 parties waiting patiently for their food. I ordered the pork half slab but it wasn't ready so I went with the brisket sandwich instead. It was pretty good, though I wish the bun was a bit bigger that is small stuff. The beans I really liked a lot and the slaw was different but cool as well. I really liked the look of the pork ribs, I will definitely go back to see how they taste! I haven't seen ribs look that good this close to DC. Could the old rule that you can't get good ribs near the DC line be going away?
      There is a picture of Kerry and his BBQ below.

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      1. re: Ziv

        Nice pic! That rig he's got is impressive and he seems to know how to work it. They gave me a bit of beans gratis after I talked with them for a while, but they were pretty much mush. I liked the flavor but they were too far gone at that point.

        I need to try more of the sides, and I'm glad I'm not the only Hound that knows of them before now.

        Oh, and I missed you by quite a bit. I didn't get there until close to 5 on Sunday.

      2. I tried DD BBQ a couple of weeks ago. Like a lot of bbq places, some highs and lows.

        First the high: one of the best chopped pork sandwiches around. Truly rough-chopped. Copious, with a nice hit of smoke. I would get this again. A real winner.

        The ribs are a no-go. Expensive, ($28/29 rack), very tough, and overpowering smoke. I would call these 'Fire Sale Ribs.' They tasted like they were rescued from a burning building.

        1. Stopped by here today on the way for a hike, and came away very impressed with the chopped pork sandwich. It was delicious - easily the best I've had in the area. Was a little disappointed in the sauce (was a little "ketchup-y"), but overall it was very good. At $10, I thought it was a little steep for a chopped pork sandwich, but I won't complain since it was very good.