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Apr 16, 2012 03:44 AM

Green Coffee Beans in Charlotte NC for home roasting?

I would like to try home roasting of green coffee beans in Charlotte NC. Has anyone had any experience purchasing green coffee beans locally in Charlotte? I generally travel around Center City and the South Park Mall area. I checked the Caribou in center city but they don't carry green beans. I thought about ordering from Sweet Maria's online, but would like to find a local source if possible. Thanks.

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  1. Well I was going to suggest Sweet Maria's, but you've already found it. There used to be several coffee shops in Charlotte that roasted in-store and they would happily sell you green beans. However they've all gone out of business, thanks to Starbucks. I've had Dilworth Coffee agree to sell some but it took some convincing. Try them and see what they say.

    Sweet Maria's does have an excellent selection, along with suggestions for each varietal.

    1. I will second Sweet Maria's whose selection is unbeatable. Besides, I've also found Paradise worth trying (, with some interesting microlot and quite good espresso blend. They also have every coffee, single or blend, reviewed by Coffee Review.

      1. Reach out to Monk's at Atherton Mill's farmer Market. I have talked to them in the past and they seemed willing. They won't have any at the market but might bring them if you ordered ahead.

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          Thanks for the recommendation. I emailed Monk's. Will post a reply after I hear back or have time to go to the market.