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Apr 15, 2012 10:34 PM

Green Veggie Snacks that will keep?

My toddler likes fresh spinach with garlic (not frozen, the snob) and veggies mixed in eggs or pureed into dips with yogurt, but otherwise he won't eat them - not unusual, and I'm glad he likes the ones he does, but since he absolutely refuses to even try snap peas, snow peas, cucumber, etc., I'm at a loss on days where we're out of the house all day. He ends up having PB&J or a cheese sandwich for lunch and snacks on cereal or dried fruit, which isn't awful, but it means at least a couple of days a week he goes completely without any green veggies whatsoever, and I don't like that all his midday snacks are sugary, even if it is natural sugars.

I made homemade spinach and cheese crackers once that went over pretty well, and I'm looking for other ideas like that - things I can make in advance, put in ziplocs, and keep in the diaper bag in case we're stuck out of the house. They don't need to keep for weeks, just a few days at most; they just need to be things that don't require flatware, refrigeration, or a massive mess. How long do you think kale chips would keep? We prefer them hot, but if they'll stay crisp that might be my next attempt at healthier midafternoon snacks...

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  1. I can't vouch for it myself, but I remember hearing that Jerry Seinfeld's wife wrote a book about hiding vegetables in other foods so your kids will eat them.

    Let's see now, I think this must be it:

    1. my son was enamored of celery stuffed with nut butters,

      1. thursday how about raw, frsh peppers (green, red, yellow)? Avocado and chips? Green smoothies? Frsh herbs (mint) on citrus? Pickles? And keep trying the things your toddler is hesitating day they may just go for it!

        1. My friend once made me "Kale Bread" which was basically a zucchini bread made with kale instead of zucchini.

          1. Chickpeas baked with spices. I personally like them with smoked paprika, chipotle, etc. but you can tone down the spice, like maybe a mild curry flavor. Easy finger food that keeps well and is quite delicious.