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Apr 15, 2012 08:30 PM

Teaway vs Wonderful Foods - Bubble tea in the Sunset [SF]

This evening I found myself in the Inner Sunset, and instead of going to my regular Wonderful Foods, I gave Teaway a try. I ordered a small green milk tea for $2.50, and got an empty cup. The boba/jellies/etc. are all self-service, sort of like at many frozen yogurt places. I chose large tapioca balls, and some passion fruit jelly - most of the self service items were fruit-flavored jellies (they had maybe 8 or so). Then they added ice and the green milk tea.

An advantage here is that you can choose how much tapioca you want...but the disadvantage is that the tapioca wasn't that great—I found it a bit too hard (probably not super fresh). The tea wasn't that great either, and I found myself wishing I had just stuck to Wonderful Foods, which I will probably do in the future. Wonderful Foods also uses real milk in their milk tea, and they mix the milk and the tea together when you Teaway, the milk tea was pre-mixed, and I don't know if it was real milk or powdered.

I'm glad I gave this place a try, since the novelty was nice...and I think if you are someone who likes lots of different jellies in your drinks, it could be a good deal....but for regular bubble tea, I will be sticking with Wonderful Foods. Still my favorite bubble tea in the United States.

Dave MP

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  1. Favorite things to order at Wonderful Foods include:

    Warm green milk tea, cold green tea (no milk), strawberry-banana smoothie, taro milk-tea.

    I pretty much always get one of these 4 things, although a friend of mine has recently introduced me to their almond milk tea, which is pretty great as well.

    1. Was just at teaway alameda today and had a very good cold reg milk tea. Mixed in a variety of jellies and boba, everything very fresh. Sounds like quality varies by location. Haven't had a better version yet so look forward to Wonderful.

      1. Just had my first bubble tea ever, and it was from Wonderful Foods. Had the cold almond milk tea, and loved it. Sweetness balanced nicely by the earthiness of the nut milk, and I liked the texture of the boba. Plus it's just fun to look at.