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Honey lovers: where's your favorite honey?

So where do the chowhound bees in Toronto or outside it get their honey from?

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    1. I really like the one that comes in a round tin from Tasmania and it has a bird on it. I got it at the Honey place in St. Lawrence Market. It has a very fragrant taste. The guy there gives you a bunch of different ones to sample so you can see what you like.

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        Greek honey from any of the stores along the Danforth - very nice.

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          That's Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey....nectar of the gods. Aussie, aussie aussie!

        2. Water-white clover honey from Peace River or other western sources. Sometimes PC has it.

          I also like to have buckwheat honey on hand.

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            I love buckwheat honey on good sourdough toast. Yum! I once had a bottle of chestnut honey that was also absolutely delicious.

          2. SLM, huh? Never tried the honey there.

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              There's the honey guy in the south building that Shimso pointed out and in the north building you can get some fresh Ontario when the season is right.

            2. Purple loosestrife honey from Campbell's Honey House just outside Warkworth.

              1. Chestnut honey from the guy at the SLM!

                1. Absolute best (and the most local that I can think of) is from Golden Orchard at the SLM (Closer to Esplanade on the Market Street Side) http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/vendo...

                  Only place I know that sells this specific honey from Toronto. Try either the Leslie Street Spit or the Toronto Island Honey. Its a creamed variety and not cheap but worth it.

                  There was a longer thread on different honeys in 2007 - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/386183

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                    We like the buckwheat honey from Bees Universe @ Brickworks Farmers' Market.

                  2. Folks, since this thread is on the Ontario board, please keep posts focused on your favourite places to purchase honey in Ontario. Thanks!

                      1. Here is an interesting source. My old school butcher shop at Greenwood and Gerrard, Strickland's Meat Market, carries a lovely honey from Lorne H Thurston in Dunsford, Ontario. It is ridiculously cheap for the quality, 1 kg at under $10.

                        Liquid or Raw Creamed.

                        1. My favourite is Georgina Island Aamoo Ziisbaakwad honey. Made by Brian Hamlin from hives at Georgina Island First Nation. He also makes Toronto Island honey as well as many flavoured honeys such as cocoa-cinnamon and lavender. He sells as a few different Toronto farmer's markets. Scroll down to find him here:

                          I also really like the melon honey from Thames River Melons. Their bees pollinate the flowers in the cantaloupe and watermelons fields of their farm. They sell at many Ontario farmers markets, including East York Civic Center and Downtown Milton.

                          Also, check out this awesome bee-themed event: