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Apr 15, 2012 07:19 PM

LC Signature line staining and wear issues...

This line has been out long enough for some serious use. For those who have been using it does the new enamel live up to LC's claims of it being more stain resistant? What about maintaining it's gloss. Does it also live up to LC claims of it being more resistant to abrasion and wear?

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  1. Hey, come on guys and please help a gal out :-). I know many of you mentioned getting some pieces from this new line. I'm really curious if it lives up to their new and improved claims. Do you notice any difference between the two lines in your day to day cooking?

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      Hey blondelle, we just bought our daughter that 4qt LC pot fm WS so I will keep an eye on the difference between the old (what I have) and new. My daughter LOVES the Aubergine color but not me.