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Apr 15, 2012 07:17 PM

Troy-- A great place for all things Indian [DTW]

This isn’t the first, and hopefully won’t be the last, time I steal leads and writings from the legendary jjspw, even though it DOES make me feel a bit cheap. Regardless, I tried some homemade Indian food from a pious gentleman cooking from his apartment behind Maggiano’s in Troy, and it made me very happy. For details, you may want to view jjspw’s post at . Contact info is there, at bottom. When I requested permission to post contact info on CH, I received a response that was hard for me to hear/understand, so I’ll just assume it was a No.

Tonight, I had spicy chicken curry (ordered medium hot, but tasted just medium to me), spinach with homemade cheese, and also the butter chicken. Both chicken dishes were made with marinated boneless skinless breast meat (minor disappointment, though boneless/skinless did make for mess-free eating). The sauces were attractive, light and distinctly fresh homemade. Not oily and hit-you-over-the-head, alimentary burning, rich. The kind of meal you could eat every day, and still function in society.

The dishes are about $7.50 each, and about 17oz in size. This is a pleasing price, even if not silly cheap. All three were “definitely have agains.” But, with so many other dishes offered here, it may take me a while to loop back around. While I could directly contact my nearby buddies goatgolfer and boagman about this place, I’m doing a post because I don’t want others in the Troy area, such as donbui, Cw/E, etc., to miss out.

And, I’ll add that this entrepreneurial venture is not any threat to our favorite Indian restaurants on Rochester Rd; indeed, it beautifully compliments them. It is the kind of thing the makes a destination-worthy Chinatown a Chinatown, thus lifting all boats. But, Indian style, in this case.

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  1. I don't understand .... this is a guy you call and pick up food from his apartment?
    Or is this a restaurant? Can you eat in the apartment?

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    1. re: Markcron

      Just takeout, or limited delivery.
      PS--when i mentioned a Chinatown, i was just trying to illustrate the notion of different incremental stages in achieving a cultural center "critical mass." I didn't mean to suggest Troy has or ever will achieve a noteworthy status as an Indiatown. But a few more Indian places would at least build momentum in the right direction.

    2. This website has been there all along, for anyone who happened to read it. All of the Indian prepared-at-home outlets were sourced from there, as far as I know. Different people post different ads on different days-- they're free ads-- so it's just a matter of reading and deciding on which to try.

      When Michigan's cottage food law first came into being, I thought it made all these legal. Turns out the interpretation of said law excludes meat/fish/poultry so sadly does not quite apply. That's why we're seeing more home prepared baked goods, jams and the like and pickles, etc at Eastern Market, Rust Belt and suburban community farmer's markets.

      I find the pockets of Indian food in Canton, Farmington, and Farmington Hills more appealing than Troy, which is a shame since Troy is more convenient for me. I prefer south Indian and Indo-Chinese, so that may be the reason.

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      1. re: ak994

        ak994: "I find the pockets of Indian food in Canton, Farmington, and Farmington Hills more appealing than Troy, which is a shame since Troy is more convenient for me. I prefer south Indian and Indo-Chinese, so that may be the reason."

        Are you me?!?! :-)

        Have you tried Athidhi in Sterling Heights? It's not exactly Troy, but much closer than Farmington. They do South Indian and some Indo-Chinese extremely well. I love their Andhra pesarattu, kothu paratha, kozhi varutha, chicken salna, and chicken 65.

      2. So glad you tried this, VTB! Glad you enjoyed, and glad to see the Indian home caterers gaining attention on Chowhound. Like ak994 pointed out, there are a number of people like Balwinder Singh who advertise their home cooking on Definitely worth checking out for chefs nearest to one's home.

        1. Have you ever checked out Subzi Mandi in the strip mall by Walmart in Troy? They are my go to Indian grocer, but they also have a chaat bar which I intend to try, was wondering if any of you had done that yet.

          I have had their samosas which at 75 cents each are a major bargain and very good IMO.

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          1. re: coney with everything

            cwe - Surprised I haven't bumped into you at Subzi Mandi, as it's my go-to Indian grocer as well. I'm so glad they re-opened, after that few month stint of being closed back in 2010-2011ish. Anyway, I have indeed tried their chaat, and I like it very much. A lot of the fried stuff (e.g. aloo tikki patty) is pre-cooked like their samosas, then microwaved when made into chaat. So if microwaving turns you off, avoid the chaats that would contain something warmed, and opt instead for bhel puri, pani puri, papdi chaat, etc. Their bhel is delicious; they have good chutneys. I definitely prefer Subzi's chaat to that of Royal Sweets (18 & Rochester), and also to Neehee's. Subzi's sweets are also very good -- their kaju katli is better than those I've had even in the Toronto area.

            1. re: coney with everything

              P.S. If you do go for chaat, best to dine-in, as the stuff gets soggy pretty quickly in to-go boxes in your car.

              1. re: jjspw

                thanks for the tip!

                I didn't realize Royal Sweets had chaat, they are closer to work for me so I might try them anyway as a lunch option

                1. re: coney with everything

                  Royal Sweets has chaat (all vegetarian), snacks, and sweets. They also have a daily lunch buffet (vegetarian), which is quite good and very reasonable.

                  1. re: jjspw

                    Thanks, jjspw. Since our office moved from Auburn Hills to Troy last year, we've been in search of decent Indian lunch (totally miss Rangoli!) Ashoka is OK but not as good as I had remembered it.