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Apr 15, 2012 06:54 PM

Glastonbury,CT- the "Burger Capitol of America?"

So, caught word from fairly reliable sources that Max's is looking to put a second "Max Burger" east of the river in the former Angelico's on the Boulevard location. Also hearing that Five Guys is interested in the former Raffa's/ Chikurin location next to the fire department. Combined with Plan B, the Burger Company and the countless other restaurants in town with burgers on their menu, looks like Glastonbury may soon become quite the "Hamburger Hub!"

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  1. West Hartford has probably got the most/best burger spots, and a few more in Glastonbury ain't gonna change that.

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    1. re: ratbuddy

      Goldburger in downtown Newington is the be all and end all of the Connecticut burger. Nuff said.

      1. re: MacshashRIP

        Goldburgers is a decent fast food burger, but the "end all" -- pullease! 5 Guys wins hands down and among the independents, Harry's in Colchester can't be beat. (Although 3 trips trips this year seem to suggest they are doing a little bit too much squashing the burgers.) IMHO, the best burger in the Hartford area is at Apricots. My biggest complaint is the 8 oz size of most offerings. When I was younger, that was fine. But how about a 5 or 6 oz version for us capacity challenged?

        1. re: sbxstr

          HEE HEE, I'm glad you said that. I wanted to ask about Goldburger earlier. Do you like 5 Guys better than G'burger? Sounds like Gold's not worth a special trip, but maybe something different if you feel like a fast, local burger and you're in the area?

          Do you not like The Burger Company in G'bury? I'm very fond of it--each time I've had one of their "burger of the week" offerings, they've been great. And having a Robb's Farm shake to go with is a helluva bonus. It's not Plan B, but it's also not priced like Plan B...I do love Plan B, tho'!

          I sure don't need an 8 oz. burger, either--nor does the rest of America! Let's be real, that is NOT a right-sized portion!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Great question. On Sunday, after my third trip to Goldburgers, I declared "I'm never going to 5 guys again".
            I loved 5 Guys and while they didn't do anything wrong but Goldburgers has so many more options AND great fries too.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              My Goldburger opinion is at least a year old, but at that time it couldn't hold a candle to 5G, IMHO. The Burger Co in Gbury is a cut above the fast foods, and I wish them good luck, but the counter guy at lunch is creepy and the fries are not what they could be. One thing I do like about Max Burger in W Htfd is they have a smaller option. That's about all I like about any W Htfd location. Too much like New Yorkers.

              1. re: sbxstr

                Good to know Max Burger has a smaller option--something to look forward to when they cross the river.

                Speaking of other quality burger options, J Gilbert's has a nice-looking burger, too. I forget if I had a bite. A bunch of food got passed around at last call (um, 10 p.m. on a weeknight, HA HA HA) back in December. I usually go for dinner, but might need to try their burgers as I love everything else there.

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  I also like The Burger Company (Robb's Farm Ice Cream shakes can't be beat IMHO). Plan B is good but pricey. I like Piatti's stuffed burger best. Nice size, good flavor and it comes with a side salad.

                  My son keeps saying that 5 Guys is coming to Chukurin (former Raffa's). Where have you heard this? Also it would be interesting if Max does take over the cursed Angelico's site. There have been so many restaurants in there but none have been that good. Max would definitely change that. Jay

            2. re: sbxstr

              Thanks for the Apricot's mention, I always thought they had one of the best burgers in the area! Especially eaten outside. I am a big fan of the burger at Joe Pizza too.