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Apr 15, 2012 06:39 PM

DTW: A new entrant in the Burger Wars?

Ordered and ate a Fire Alarm Burger at Bogart'z in Grosse Pointe Park last week. Hand pressed, fresh ground beef topped with sliced Jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, sliced red onion and tomato and Romaine on a custom bakery roll. Very, very good.

Heard by rumor that this tavern is fixin' to offer signature burgers as they get the ingredient mixes right. Not intent on producing a Miller Burger, or a Sidetrack Burger or a Red Coat Burger, per se, just a unique hamburger special each separate day they are open.

Could be a nice niche approach to peddling one of Detroit's favorite meals.

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  1. I usually try to avoid places which add a "z" onto their name. And, an eighth of a cup of Frank's hot sauce may be a bit overpowering for me. But, I just saw some great pics of their burger. Those, combined with your personal rec will get me in the next time I'm over around GP! I may go plain, just to taste the house ground beef and thoughtful roll. Thx

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      As do I, but I dont know where you are at but Try Burgerz In either Royal Oak or Rochester Hills and you may change your mind..I know I did.

      That sounds like a great burger to me. I like Franks Red hot though......I put the s@#! on everything. Sorry about that, couldn't help it.

      1. re: VTB

        The burger roll is a Corn Kaiser according to the server who waited us, VTB. And each day is a different offering. I thnk the Fire Alarm is only offered once per week...