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Apr 15, 2012 06:15 PM

Where to eat in Pittsburgh?

Coming to visit Pittsburgh for the weekend and looking for some places to eat for all meals of the day. I am open to all suggestions and will eat anything. Any great brunch, lunch, or dinner places out there that ware must eats?

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  1. Root 174 for dinner, or Cure. Root is BYOB, and Cure maybe to, do not remember.
    Brunch Six Penn, or go to one of the dinners like Gab n Eat or Pamela's.

      1. Had a great dinner at Nola in Market Square last saturday. Very well prepared new orleans food, great cocktails and nice live music. It was the highlight of my trip to PGH.

        1. I'd second Cure or Root. Both are BYOB. Salt of the Earth is on the top of everybody's list, but IMO either Cure or Root are on par, they just don't have a bar like Salt.

          If you're looking for something a little more polished inside, Spoon or Eleven are excellent options.

          Lunch in the Strip District or Market Square is fun. In the Strip, you can get some excellent street food, bahn mi from Lucy (not sure where her stand is these days) or tacos from the stand in front of Reyna's or some good simple seafood at Penn Avenue Fish Company.

          Can also get some excellent mussels and tarte flambe at Park Brugge in Highland Park, but can be a bit of a wait there since they don't take reservations.

          Have fun.

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            I really like Bona Terra in Sharpsburg... been there many times and never had a meal that wasn't great. Small, BYOB. limited seating.

            Also I had a great meal at Donato's in Fox Chapel the other night. Full bar, nice relaxed atmosphere and the food was really good.

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