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Apr 15, 2012 05:36 PM

ISO: 1 amazing dinner for parents traveling without kids

My husband and I will be in LV in July. We will have one Friday night to have an amazing dinner of our choice, without kids in tow (for a change).


* We would rather spend not more than $250 total, including one bottle of wine. We'll go $300 if it's truly amazing food and unique atmosphere.
* We are adventurous eaters, but we also enjoy gourmet versions of familiar foods. One of my favorite prior LV dinners was Red Square at Mandalay.
* We especially like a place with extraordinary desserts, not your run-of-the-mill creme brûlée, cheesecake, or key lime pie. We are willing to do dessert at a separate location from dinner.
* We are in our 30's and want to go somewhere comfortable, where we won't be side-eyed by 20-something couture models wondering what the old people are doing there. (This is less important than the food though - food is first.)
* We get our fill of outstanding Asian food at home, so $50 kung pao chicken isn't at the top of our list, although amazing sushi is a possibility.


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  1. The Barrymore will fill all your needs, and IMO is the best quality to price ratio on the LV strip.

    1. Highly recommend Sage at Aria; I had an amazing dinner there a few weeks ago. Definitely will return when I come back to LV.

      1. If you want something truly special...elegant, gorgeous room, and quiet, with wonderful service and absoltely outstanding food (including desserts), it's very tough to top Le Cirque. It will be a very special and romantic evening. I think it is probably doable for $300, but hope another CH will chime in on this.

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          Le Cirque is another wonderful restaurant (it was my favorite restaurant of my most recent trip to LV).

        2. Sage is a good option so is Le Cirque. LatEleir and e inside Jaleo are great but might be a bit more. Picasso in bellagio is a solid choice too.

          1. Thank you all. Sage and Le Cirque have been among my top choices. I didn't know about The Barrymore, but it looks like a good possibility as well. I have two months until I need to think about making a reservation. *sigh* too many good possibilities and only one night!

            (fortunately, I also have a LV trip with girlfriends in October, so whichever ones I don't hit this summer, there's another chance)

            Thanks so much again!

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            1. re: starbucksbrew

              Not taking anything away from Sage, but Le Cirque is IMHO definitely more special. If I had to pick only one, it would definitely be LeC!