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Apr 15, 2012 05:17 PM

Good eats in Schaumberg?

We're staying here this weekend for a family wedding and we have no idea what to eat in this area. Anything worth visiting? We're a foodie family traveling from Toronto-so something we don't have (or do well) in Toronto would be ideal. Any bbq? Mexican? Comfort food?

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  1. Here's a recent thread:

    Add Asian Bistro and Ttowa to the list; they're both in nearby Arlington Heights.

    Good South Asian fare at BBQ Tonight in Hoffman Estates.

    1. For Mexican, I am a big fan of Mago - not in Schaumburg, but a quick drive away in Arlington Heights.

      If you want something that is distinctively Chicago, I'd go to Johnnie's Beef....get yourself a beef and a watermelon ice.

      1935 S Arlington Heights Rd
      Arlington Heights, IL 60005

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      1. re: chris

        OHHHHH man, I am so excited! These are great options. I had no idea Arlington Heights was so close to Schaumberg, this makes everything so much easier.

        1. re: chris

          Chris, good call on Johnnie's. More than a couple of people think it has the best Beef anywhere in the area.
          Super A, it might help you with your online research if you don't spell Schaumburg with an "e."