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Apr 15, 2012 05:14 PM

Kin Shop Review (Thai Fried Chicken)

Stopped in on a whim without reservations and were seated right away as it was early, only 6pm. We chose a table over the chef's counter. I had a Kin and Tonic, which was solid, refreshing, but not really notable.

We started with the very, very spicy duck larb. Delicious, and I liked the chopped up long beans. Very hot. Polished the whole thing off. Yum.

We also absolutely loved the fried broccoli, a relative new item on the menu (two weeks, said our server). Served lightly battered with lots of basil, Chinese pork sausage, and young coconut-gooseberry chutney & fermented plum vinegar. Savory and crispy! A must order.

The Steamed Egg Fried Rice with mussels, grilled ramps & sriracha was excellent as well. The grilled ramps added a lovely smokiness to the dish. The egg was was very runny and gently placed on top of the fried rice.

The Thai Fried Chicken with coriander nam prik, fresh herbs & sweet chili-fish sauce was good. Half a chicken, divided into four pieces, served on a bed of sauce, and with a dipping sauce (the chili-fish). The crust and meat was well seasoned and tasty -- flavorful and moist. Even the breast meat was very flavorful. However, I think the intensity of the brine made the crust a bit too salty. Not really a problem unless eating the crust on its own. The crust also separated pretty easily from the meat, and I found the crust could have been a little crispier. The flavors were spot on, though.

Overall, a very pleasant meal, and we were stuffed by the end.

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  1. You know, the chicken dish has been on my been on my agenda, and the way you describe it may be right up my ally - I like salt.

    My question is: how did you get it for dinner?! I was there last month and called ahead to request it, and they told me they only served it for lunch. Damn fun suckers! Granted, the meal we had there was quite good - we too had the duck larb, amongst many other dishes, and left the restaurant stuffed. Perhaps not our favorite, but definitely one of our main take-aways from the meal was the roti. We took some home and had some with eggs the next morning - really quite good.

    (By the way, love reading your responses throughout the site. You're always so helpful.)

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    1. re: tongue_to_tail

      Thank you! We literally just walked in tonight (Sunday) and it was on the specials list.

    2. We just ate there last week, and I don't recall seeing fried chicken on the dinner menu, either. Our meal was delicious as always (particularly the skate and calamari), but I would like to try the chicken. I'll have to ask about it next time.

      1. The broccoli sounds similar to their brussels sprouts preparation which is also delicious.

        1. We went the other nite and had the grilled prawns in Phuket pepper sauce.the sauce was good,the prawn had a little mushiness to them but we had 4 each anyway. The fried pork and fried oyster salad was good. The water veggies sautéed were good,and I loved the bone marrow dish.

          1. Thanks Kathryn! Headed there tomorrow night and have noted your recommendations.