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Apr 15, 2012 05:02 PM

Rittenhouse Square area, best sushi/omakase? Steaks? Cheesesteaks?

3 days 2 nights at the Rittenhouse Hotel end of April to see the Van Gogh exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum...trying to plan breakfast / lunch / dinner for the time in town. Have reviewed a number of local restaurants here and online, what do you local chowhounds recommend? Would like to try the best local sushi/omakase for at least one meal, steaks for another...and would like a solid cheesesteak at some point. Will have a car but would like places local to the hotel if possible. Any price range is fine...would like to hear recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. For breakfast I would recommend both Parc and a,kitchen which are both right in the Rittenhouse area. For steaks you have both Barclay Prime, and Prime Rib right on Rittenhouse. Sushi, unless you are coming from the land locked mid west where frozen catfish is the best seafood you can imagine, I would skip. The most notable sushi in the area is Morimotos. Omakase is going to set you back about 150 plus drinks and tip. Zama is an acceptable sushi restaurant right in the Rittenhouse area. . The best omakase in the area is across the river in New Jersey at Matt Ito's Mt. Fuji. You can get an amazing cheesesteak at Barclay Prime. It is on the appetizer portion of the menu and will set you back about 100 dollars.

    You will here many people recommend you go to Reading Terminal Market. Do it. It is part of what makes Philadelphia special. If you go there for breakfast the Dutch Eating Place is great. If you go there for lunch, you have tons of choices.

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      I have a reservation for Barclay Prime for one night already...was thinking of Morimoto for omakase but they are rather cagey about the availabilty of fugu for the time I will be there. Thank you fof the recommendations...will likely try the market as well...the board here and everyone I have spoken to recommends a visit!

      1. re: odjones

        If you are staying at the Rittenhouse Hotel (or anywhere in the area) and have Sunday open, do not miss the Brunch at Lacroix. It is the best deal in the city for truly amazing fine dining and you won't need to eat again for the rest of the day. Reservations can be tricky thought, so book in advance.

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          Won't be there for Sunday brunch but will try their regular breakfast one morning, as they are right in the hotel! Thank you.

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          Check out Zama. Period. It is the best sushi in town. Passed morimoto (Philly) on day two of being opened

          1. re: Liltonysdad

            Walked by Zama tonite...may do it for lunch Thursday...went for cheesesteaks at Johns Roast Pork when we got in to town for lunch...enjoyed that (along with onion rings and fries, thats enough deep fried goodness for a week). Thanks for the tip on Zama.

        3. re: cwdonald

          best tip was the dutch eating place...would not have found this place without this recommendation! I had the apple dumpling with fresh heavy cream. We also stopped in a small place in Chinatown with no english sign (I believe there may have been a neon sign that said Good Chinese Food in the window) and had a steamed bun with vegetables and tripe soup...this is the closest thing to genuine Chinese food I have had in the US since we got back from China...and it was four dollars. Lacroix was nice...Fogo de Chao was fine...but the three most memorable meals cost pocket change...Johns Roast Pork, Dutch Eating Place, and whatever the Chinese place was called. Thanks to everyone for the tips!