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Apr 15, 2012 03:42 PM

Restaurant recommendations for anniversary weekend!

We're coming for Jazz fest to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Searching through the discussions on this board, we have some idea of restaurants we want to try but still looking for an upscale place for anniversary dinner. Price is not an issue as long as food/experience is great. We are from NY area and want to try good authentic food. Need dinner choices for 3 nights. This is the de facto list in no particular order:

Commander's palace(lunch only or worth dinner?)

We don't mind leaving FQ for good food...please suggest the best. Looking forward to a great food experience in NOLA!!

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  1. Of your listed restaurants, I would lean toward Galatoire's, and Brigtsen's.

    Galatoire's is an odd "duck," in that one can stand in line, to sit downstairs, or make a reservation, and sit upstairs. The differences are the "tableau," between the "scene" downstairs, and the reservations upstairs. Regardless of what some might intimate, the food, and the service are the exact same, UNLESS you have a "family" server, who ONLY works downstairs. [Now, were you a first-time visitor, who had never dined at Galatoire's, and were dong "Friday Lunch," then downstairs, and the line, would be something to consider.]

    Brigtsen's, is not quite so intimate BUT it is great, and in a lovely venue. It is a nice, streetcar ride from Downtown, or the CBD, but s well worth the effort. Chef Frank does many NOLA dishes, with his own, personal touches, and they are well-worth the effort.

    Cochon is good, but VERY casual. That does NOT reflect upon the food, or the eclectic, and somewhat limited wine list, but it is CASUAL.

    Have not done Atchafalya, so cannot comment.

    Now, COP's was once our "go-to special occasion" restaurant, and we traveled 1000's of miles, just to dine there. That was then, and this is now. They let us down, after about 20 reservations, because we were not "important diners," who got our reservation. We have dined there for several events, and it had slipped greatly. We hosted two major dinners there, and were not impressed. Still, if the only draw for you is $0.25 martinis, you are welcome to dine there. For us, they fell from # 1, to about # 20, but then, we no longer live in NOLA. As they were once at the top of our list, we have tried, and tried, but they are but a "shell" of their former self. After the last "hosted" debacle, we have not returned, and I doubt that we will - $0.25 martinis aside. To us, it is about the food, and the service. If I want cheap martinis, I can buy a bottle of gin, or vodka, and make my own.

    I would also look to The Grill Room (Windsor Court Hotel), or to Stella!, if you need more options.


    1. You've listed some great choices. I would add Herbsaint to the list. It is the same chef/owner as Cochon but more of an upscale feel and a more romantic setting. If the weather is not too warm you can eat outside.

      I've only dined at CP once (for Thanksgiving). It was great that day. It seems that they are getting better reviews lately and may be making a comeback after some down years. Lunch is supposed to be better than dinner. You might do a search of this board for more info on CP. Galatoire's is fantastic and festive--I've only eaten downstairs where the action is. Can't go wrong there. Brigsten's is also great and a bit more of a romantic, quieter setting. We also like Martinique Bistro, which is Uptown. You can eat in their patio area. You might also do a board search on Upperline, which is a great Uptown restaurant that's almost 30 years old now. They have had some chef changes, but always seem to come out on top. The owner is a local legend for her hospitality and well-run dining room. She handpicks great chefs.

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        Thank you both! Nice to have these many great choices. Tried calling a few places today but they're closed on Monday. Were able to get herbsaint for Sunday but saturday is gonna be a bit tougher.