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Apr 15, 2012 02:15 PM

Marathon Monday

Hounds - We are taking our little guy to his first Red Sox game tomorrow. And of course hoping to get some good chow in. 11 am start - will bring in Sausages (Dr P - hope they are set up early!) and get the boys a fenway frank, but would like to do a great lunch after. Is that a pipe dream given the marathon and Kenmore crowds? Would love to try Sweet Cheeks...we've done Audobon after games in the past but not sure we'd go with kids (7 & 13). Any ideas for good chow in the area that won't be a zoo? We are on the green line - game will let out 2pm ish...don't get in town enough these days so hoping to maximize. All thoughts welcome.

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  1. You could try Sweet Cheeks. If the wait is over the top, you could walk over to Beacon St., to the Beacon Street Tavern. They have a patio. If they're packed, you could just keep walking west on Beacon St, to Coolidge Corner.

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      Won't Coolidge Corner also be packed with marathon watchers? Seeing as how the route runs right down Beacon Street and all.

      I would love to wrong, but my gut says that it is indeed a pipe dream to imagine that you'll be able to have a nice lunch without a long wait anyplace along the marathon route between Coolidge Corner and Copley Square. Can you consider something like Chinatown or the North End? Pretty much everything in Boston is going to be super-busy with a lot of visitors in town for the weekend, but at least those neighborhoods aren't directly on the route.

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        It will be crowded on the sidewalks along Beacon, for sure. But, if you turn onto Harvard St., there will be room to move. Walking on Harvard St., there's Dorado's, Dok Bua, Anna's, Shanghai Gate.

    2. keep in mind that your lunch options will be limited to what side of the street you are on, unless you travel far enough out to allston/brookline that you can cross over and come back (or cross underneath at kenmore). marathoners will be steadily coming through beacon street, and so i would advise choosing your restaurant AND route to get there in advance.

      1. I think a better suggestion and shorter walk would be to head over to Symphony/South End restaurants. They wouldn't be effected by the Marathon.

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          True. I was thinking along the Green Line... Maybe there will be food trucks in the vicinity? That way you could eat well, and still be a spectator of the festivities.

        2. mohotta, what did you end up doing? We took the T to Arlington St., went for a ride on the Swan Boats, had grilled hot dogs on the Boston Common.

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            Thanks for the suggestions all. We ended getting the heck out of dodge and took the green line back to Riverside and went to O'Hara's for a late lunch (very good). It was so crazy after the game - walking back to the T, lines to get into places like Copperfields and the new Yard House were about 50/60 deep (in the heat!). But it was a great game and besides getting Bobby V's autograph, the highlight was our brought in Dr Peppers sausage w peppers/onions/special sauce~ wish I had another one right now!