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Apr 15, 2012 02:05 PM

Need lunch restaurant near Cypress Hill Cemetery in Glendale, Queens.

Well, our lovely 94 yr. old grandmother passed away.
So, after the funeral / burial at Cypress Hill Cemetery, in Queens,
we need a pleasant restaurant close by to offer about 20+ people lunch.
Any suggestions? I know this is a hard one! Thanks.

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  1. Sorry about Granny, give Antica Trattoria ,68 ave,fresh pond rd a call. or closer is Zum Stamtische on cooper/ Myrtle.Difficulty parking at both locations.....

    1. Hi Nyum,

      Places fairly close to Cypress Hills Cemetery in Glendale that sound suitable include those mentioned previously by another poster (Antica and Zumm) as well as Edison Place (71-28 Cooper Ave., Glendale) and Trattoria Cerbone (71-24 Fresh Pond Rd., Ridgewood).

      As the other poster mentioned, parking will be difficult in this area. Please take that into account. As an alternative, you could go a little ways away to the Shops at Atlas Park where they have a pay-to-park garage although I don't know if they have a restaurant that would be appropriate for a gathering following a funeral.

      Also, no matter where you go, I recommend contacting the restaurant in advance to make certain they can accommodate your party. Most restaurants around this part of Queens tend to be on the small side and are perhaps relatively unaccustomed to serving groups of this size.

      I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

      Glendale is hungry...

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        yeah, I agree parking will not be easy for 20 people, you need a spot with a lot--california pizza kitchen is very mellow atmosphere, and should be able to put tables together to accomodate, I would call them, and at atlas park, you've got the lot.