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Apr 15, 2012 02:00 PM

Solo traveler, staying in midtown east, somewhat budget conscious

I eat everything and am staying at the waldorf (work thing). Have only a few days. Theatre tix near Chelsea Park. Where to eat before the play? Where to eat near-ish hotel? Any good food near the High Line Park where I will be comfortable eating solo? Lunch on the weekend somewhere in Eatily? Good destination for lunch, walkable from Brooklyn Bridge? Love most asian food, mexican. Thanks for tips.

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  1. NYC is very, very solo diner friendly. You're in a tougher neighborhood for inexpensive eats though, especially Mexican and Chinese. Grand Sichuan (2nd/55th) and Pampano (but it might be too pricey) come to mind.

    Cheap eats nearby the Waldorf Astoria:

    Before your play, I'd recommend Txikito, El Quinto Pino, Grand Sichuan, or Co aka Company. If you are going to see Sleep No More, try for a light meal beforehand!

    Near the High Line there are tons of options (including the ones by Chelsea Park I mentioned above). Most are clustered around 14-16th St and 23rd St:

    For Eataly on the weekend, be aware that it can be very crowded. Only Birreria and Manzo take reservations, the others don't. Both will definitely take a reservation for 1, though.

    Near the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, walk to Chinatown!