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Apr 15, 2012 01:20 PM

What ever happened to...

Jeffrey Zakarian? Seems to me his winning Next Iron Chef has done as much for his TV Chef career as an Oscar has done for many a movie star. Or have I just missed him? I don't watch gastro TV slavishly, but it seems to me he has been rather scarce. Am I wrong?

I wish there was some way to set my DVR to record based on who is on a program... <sigh>

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  1. He's been a judge on 4 episodes of Chopped that have shown this year so far.

    He's competed twice in the current ICA season, about the same number of times as the others.

    Forgione and Garaces haven't done much beyond ICA, and last week's All Stars Chopped.

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      Guess I missed those ICA episodes. Thanks!

    2. How did he come out with his financial difficulties? I recall he was getting sued by employees, something about either a business or a personal bankruptcy, and something about him bragging about his house. I suppose I should just do an internet search.

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        Google didn't tell me much, which is basically why I asked here. Oh, well.

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          It's because you spelled his name incorrectly. It's GEOFFREY. All your questions are answered by a search. He is chef/owner of The National and the Lambs Club, the latter being a GORGEOUS art deco space.

          Financial woes:

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            Sorry. I may have mispelled it here, but Google brought up that same information. I think Google also standardly offers a choice for alternate spellings. And then there is the problem that the lead date in the article you provide a link for is Tuesday, April 26, 2011. That's a year ago. As I said, I can't seem to find much CURRENT news.

      2. The original comment has been removed