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Apr 15, 2012 12:30 PM

Bob E's Super Chief @ Pontiac (DTW)

Opened in the 1950's. Last updated in the 1960's. Reminds me a bit of Rocket Eddy's back in
the "Julie" days. It is just a just a teenie bit bigger. Where? NE Corner of Telegraph & Walton.

It was mentioned on the recent list of "best" coneys. Their coney buns are toasted/grilled on the
flat-top. Now that I've had it, I like it. Heck, I prefer it.

Hippo's has better dogs (Vienna) and buns (poppy seed). Hippo's also has a much wider
choice of dogs. Super Chief has better coney sauce; and, has a diner/drive-in menu, that
includes breakfast.

My waitress, Barbara, sat down in the booth, called me "Hun" and asked if this was my first
visit. It seems to be a place with lots of regulars. Many customers were being addressed by
name, including the 5-8 year olds in the adjacent booth.

The potato soup was similar to what my grandmother made - potato puree base with cube'd
potatoes and a few bits of finely diced carrots. I added a bit of pepper. I've had fancier/tastier
potato soups, but this was comfort food and an unexpected/welcome flashback to my childhood.

The footlong *dog* itself was nothing special. The sauce was flavorful and it was nicely dressed
with mustard and diced onions. The bun was nicely toasted.

The desserts look like something I would make - or worse. A few unexpected dessert choices
on the menu: German chocolate cake and carmel cake. I also saw a blueberry pie and some
hideous looking chocolate/chocolate cupcakes. I did not sample the desserts, and hope they taste
better than they look. <g>

Prices? A std coney is $1.75. The footlong was $3.40. I think a bowl of soup was $3.60.

I will return. I liked the food, the service and the soul/bones of the operation. I wonder if I can
entice Sir Boagman for a lunch visit?

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  1. Interesting. I don't mean to be unappreciative of personal service, but i must ask, are they set up to just sell the sauce for takeaway?

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    1. re: VTB

      I did not inquire about buying their sauce to-go. Give'm a call and ask.

    2. Say when. It's cheap enough that, even if I don't fully appreciate it, it won't bother me at that price point.

      1. Being that I'm a .99 Coney Dog hound I just can't see paying more anywhere on the eastside. Just me.