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Apr 15, 2012 12:20 PM

new restaurants in Naples

what is the word on Aqua and Alberto's? have heard mixed things about Aqua and Alberto's had a good write-up in the local paper.
anything more on Etoile?

thinking of going to Bay House this week--is it doing well?

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  1. Alberto's is my favorite of the three. It's authentic Italy-Italian, not Italian-American Italian, as many places in the US are. I like both styles, and they are different. I was in heaven with the pastas for $15-18. Yes, I've been to Italy recently and know top Italian-this is the real thing. Now, it's not a fancy looking cuisine, just delicious, and still attractively plated. The restaurant is upscale on decor, and service was very good.

    I enjoyed Aqua, and like the strolling musicians. Prices are at the higher end for Naples-this is 5th Ave. South, so it's not a surprise. I would happily go back for the delicious food and ambiance.

    L' Etoile is circling the drain and may close. They didn't have a good season and may not make it in the off season. The owners plan from the start was to take off and go back to North Carolina in Naples' off season (for N.C.'s profitable high season), so that works for them.
    Etoile;s food had been mixed, some good some lousy. Service is not always up to par, according to all who've been there. I won't go till I hear an improvement. Too many good places instead, to spend my money.

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      Etoile had a groupon or one of the other social coupon services. I passed. If they are not at their "A" game, doing this sort of business stimulus can be the kiss of death. I think that might have happened to Naples Tomato.

      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        Coupons for L'Etoile can give them a sudden cash flow they seem to lack.
        People that buy such coupons had best use them within a week or so, just to avoid being stuck when a place financially implodes, and suddenly closes.

        Naples Tomato had quite a few loss leaders, like L'Etoile now does. I am stuck with a now-useless Naples Tomato card.. Ugh. Buyer Beware.

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        I agree with the Alberto's comments... I was so pleasantly surprised by the food, great service, and the wine price points are amazing! I have yet to try Aqua but did buy a Groupon for L'Etoile... it was the only way that I was planning on eating there, as I have heard so many poor or mixed reviews from friends but wanted to judge for myself. However, Groupon gave me a refund as they closed for the season and I do not have high hopes for their future.

        Alberto's was our pleasant dining surprise this weekend and we hope to explore other restaurants this summer... next up, L'Orient.

      3. Bay House seems to be doing well. I've eaten at Tierney's Tavern a bunch of times, their more casual bar area within the restaurant, and enjoyed every visit.

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          i did eat at Bay House and was disappointed. they sat us by the window but in the smaller room and the table next to us was so loud that i almost said something but my wife stopped me--i mean so loud that it hurt--they seemed to think that they were at home with friends and screaming and laughing as though no one else was dining.
          the food was mediocre. had the short ribs and shrimp (surf and turf, for them). the food was barely warm and nothing to recommend.
          the service was good, actually excellent--
          maybe i should stick with burgers in the tavern.

        2. I think they consider themselves a seafood restaurant and that's what they do best. Best to stick to the surf and leave the turf.

          1. Had some business in Naples last Thursday evening and stopped in Alberto's with my wife.
            Was offered the "early dining" menu and it was terrific as was the food and the wine list. Service was excellent albeit the place was empty but the server, a young woman from Macedonia, was very engaging and helpful. Spinach ravioli were excellent as was the wine list.
            Decor was very Italian. WIll definitely return for the regualr menu.

            1. I think that the one common denominator in fine food in Naples restaurants is our local Naples meat provider Lion Meats,not the places that get that tracker trailer conglomerate generic meat delivered, just ask next time out,who's the meat vendor,and I'll bet if your steak or chop was great it was from Lion.