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Apr 15, 2012 12:15 PM

Toast - Rockridge [Oakland]

This small plates / wine bar place opened a year ago. They've added a full liquor license and are expanding into the adjacent space, which the server said will be more of a bar.

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  1. Pimenton popcorn was fun. Salumi were excellent: very spicy Olli Calabrese, gamy La Quercia prosciutto, Fra'Mani Toscana. Hummus-like white bean spread was good. "Candied bacon cashews" were good though didn't have much bacon or bacon flavor. Really interesting wine list.

    1. I went to Toast for the first time earlier this week. Standouts were the white bean paste with rosemary pesto, very delicious, a salad of tiny mustard greens with avocado, prosciutto and a cheese I can't now recall, and roasted cauliflower with capers. And, lemon posset (pudding style) for dessert that reminded me why I was so sad when Wood Tavern stopped making it. A very nice rose from Provence by the glass. Overall, I will definitely be back and am glad I finally stopped in.

      1. Inside Scoop has some news on the in-progress expansion, including that they bought booths from Fog City Diner.

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          It's interesting to see how they've been able to morph from 1 kind of establishment to another and still stay afloat.