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Apr 15, 2012 12:00 PM

Anybody ever thought about a board for Chowing with special needs?

The threads on Chemo-hounding, what to eat after Wisdom teeth, feeding the elderly, etc are eternally popular. Special health needs have a big impact on what we eat, and it would be really nice to have all that info in one place instead of scattered through four different sections.

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  1. I never thought about it before, but would appreciate it. No matter how messed up you are, you still have to eat!

    1. It is a good idea. But I have seen some problems pop up in some of these threads, such as medical advice (no-no) and the ever popular " My food allergy is worst than yours". I think the idea has a lot of merits, but it would need some intense moderating.
      I hope they do it!

      1. Having just posted about my mother's eating difficulties after treatment for jaw cancer, I'd appreciate such a board.

        1. I don't know if it's new or not, but there is now a Special Diets board and a Vegetarian/Vegan board. I don't remember seeing them before so it may have been added as a result of your suggestion. Both are empty so I think that is the case. Cool!

          1. As MrsJonesey has pointed out, we did just create two new boards: Vegetarian & Vegan and Special Diets.

            The Special Diets board includes discussion of gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, allergy-specific, and strict low-carb diets like paleo. So, this is not really what Kajikit was asking about. Threads about special needs (such as the Chemohounding thread) would remain on General Topics board (or on Home Cooking or Not About Food, depending on the focus of the thread).

            For more information about the two new boards, see this Site Talk thread:

            Dave MP

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              That'll do me. I thought of it because DH is now a newly-diagnosed diabetic and I need information on how to feed him! So low-carb it is...