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Apr 15, 2012 10:55 AM

Parents are coming to town! where should we go!?

As stated above my parents are coming to town and its my mothers birthday she has had a rough year so it needs to be something casual and relaxed. I don't really know the more "regular" places in van Im all about the ethnic diversity. I was thinking something like Burgoo or maybe that burger place on 4th, even pizzeria Barbarella. So my question is any one have any recommendations on a nice casual place to go ?

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  1. Depends on your preferences. Those a fine choices for casual.

    1. Burgoo is fine for comfort food. Haven't been to the new one in Kits (W. 4th) or the N. Vancouver one, but either the Main St. or W.10th ones are nice. W.10th one has a fireplace, FWIW, and Main St. tends to be hard to get in without a reservation. Call ahead to ask staff what they recommend for your occasion. Burgoo's menu covers the globe without being esoteric so it's safe for all, and consistently good ingredients, preparation and service.

      Another place you might want to consider is The French Table, and Crave, both on Main Street .

      1. Cafeteria at Main and 11th. The food is excellent and it's casual but nice. They rotate five appetizers, mains and desserts daily (or every few days). There's a $36 deal for three courses.

        Other ideas: Pizza/pasta at Campagnolo at Main and Terminal. Sandbar at Granville Island. Les Faux Bourgeois at Kingsway/Fraser for French bistro food. Grub at Main & 28th for "regular" food. Cardero's on Coal Harbour.

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          Trafalgar's Bistro, on W. 16th @ Trafalgar.

          La Buca on MacDonald, around W. 23.

        2. I would highly recommend Enigma up on West 10th. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is quite relaxed.

          1. If you don't mind my asking, in what "decade" is your mother celebrating her birthday ?

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            1. re: LotusRapper

              i think LR is correct in wondering because it makes a difference as to the atmosphere etc. When i see "relatives/parents coming to town" i think of places like the Tea House in Stanley Park and the one up in the quarry at Queen Eliz Park - nothing wrong at all with those places - i like revisiting old Vancouver (ie pre "world class")... and the views are spectacular --- wishing your folks a pleasant and restful visit.

              1. re: Georgia Strait

                Well I better add Horizons to the mix of pre-world class, then, hehe:

                Or Salmon House, Horizon's sister restaurant:

                Too bad The Cannery is ...... canned [groan]