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Apr 15, 2012 10:41 AM

Pesach HOTELS 2012

How were the hotels in 2012. reviews for any pesach hotels please.

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  1. Ocean Place - Matza Fun Tours. Food was exceptional. Great entertainment and great crowd.

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      1. Stayed Home this year. (was great!) Heard first hand;

        KMR: Packed, Unorganized first night, but went fine from there, great food. Cold.

        Lake Las Vegas (Dorothy S.) Nice Hotel, mediocre food, sometimes not enough, NO Shmurah Matza after first days (!!!) Lower cost, so "you got what you paid for" Some people very upset, seems this not the first time food was sub par

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          Was at Eden Tours - Hyatt Windwatch in Long Island. Catering was by Hoffman & Co out of Maryland. Food was terrible. Overall program was disorganized.

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            To repeat myself since i don't know why my post was removed. i WAS at the Lake Las Vegas program where there WAS shmurah matzo the entire pesach and the food was definitely superior to previous years by a long shot. They made the effort to upgrade the food and it showed. Did not see anyone "upset" about the food though i have seen in previous years. over 1000 people were in attendance and most were repeat customers of theirs from lake las vegas and palm springs program

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              Cholent fresser, please dont comment by hearsay. stick to your own current experiences. I was at Lake Las Vegas like Sparkys mom and although this was my first year there I experienced a terrific foody experience. The breakfast were very good and plentiful, she didnt put out pickled lox but she did have NOVA every day and rotated Sable Carp(the real stuff), whole smoked white fish and baked salmon(whole) each day plus the usual deserts,cheeeses, egg stations etc. Lunches were buffet and she had all the usual hot and cold dishes and salads. she also had an ice cream/ices sorbet bar every day with a pizza and fries option for kids. The hot lunches had carving stations with roast beef,corned beef,pastrami and turkey and TONGUE. plus the usual hot items. The food was so plentiful(buffets never ran dry) and very tasty that the only complaint was the dairy meal soups were strange(my perosnal taste) the chicken soup was salty and not homemade and I gained too much weight. Dorothy really upgraded her program and the food program was very very good. Lastly they had HAND Shmura matzohs thru the whole yom tov. after the sedarim the waiters only put the machine out on the table but if you asked they brought out the hand in sealed boxes till even the last day which tells me she had plenty left over. Lastly by the way the hotel is beautiful and nice as any ive ever been to and the two pools are excellent(always open lounge chairs) and she had 1250 ppl and i would say 1249 were extremely satisfied.

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                Which Lake Las Vegas program are you talking about? There are two this the Westin or at Ravella? I'm interested in hearing feedback on either program...thanks!

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                  we were at the Westin run by Dorothy at Worldwide tours(LA). The Ravella new this year is run by Afikomen(Booky and Leah) also LA people and they have been in Aruba for the last few years.

              2. We were at kibbutz lavi in Israel's northern region and loved it. It was our first Pesach hotel experience so I don't have anything to compare it to but I was really happy. The food was amazing and plentiful and the dining room didn't feel crowded at all. There were a shiur or two a day, in english and hebrew, but I didn't get to any because I was with my three littles, 6 months, 2 and 4. The pool and kids' pool were great, beautiful parks and grounds, lots to see and do in the area. We want to go back next year IYH.
                Oh those Israeli breakfasts! We didn't miss bread at all.

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