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Anything better on a Sunday Morning than Pancakes?

It's Sunday morning and I woke up with pancakes on my mind. I haven't had them in awhile, so the question is, what kind to make? Lovely, lighter than air short stack with plenty of melting butter and warm maple syrup...... Or a beautiful poufy German Pancake with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a light dusting of powdered sugar? Blueberry? Buckwheat? Corn Griddle cakes? They are all so good! I'm wondering if any of you have ever had a Roumanian Pancake with grated sharp cheddar cheese and powdered sugar or with apple butter? What are the CH's cooking up for breakfast on this beautiful Sunday morning that the Lord has made?

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  1. I love Sunday morning breakfast, the only day of the week that we cook breakfast. Preferring savory to sweet I only make pancakes or french toast 2-3 times a year.

    This morning we had lamb sausage, biscuits and gravy.

    Sausage strata or cheese toast, grits and bacon are other favorites.

    This lamb sausage came from a CSA operation we just discovered and it was really good. Can't wait to make a strata with some more of it.

    1. It's always a debate at our house between pancakes and thick cut bacon or sausage gravy and biscuits on Sunday mornings:-)

      1. Biscuits, Smoked Sausage, Steen's Cane Syrup, Homemade pear preserves. Home squeezed mator juice...Coffee

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          Challah french toast with mango sauce here.

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            That sounds delicious magiesmom. I went with the German Pancake!

        2. All of those pancakes sound delicious! I'll have to look into the Roumanian pancake. Since we are using up left over ham, it has been ham, eggs, toast with butter and homemade peach jam. Today we splurged with biscuits and gravy. I usually like French Toast for a lazy Sunday AM breakfast. The Huz prefers pancakes.

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            Roumanian pancakes are my family heritage. They are tender crepes with the shredded cheese inside, all melty, then rolled up with the confectioners sugar on top. Seriously addictive!

          2. This morning 'twas a very restrained mushroom omelette with a slice of bread.

            I do enjoy a fuller breakfast - sausage, eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, fried bread - but that's taxing my cooking skills so it's only for the rare occasions when I have breakfast out. The greasier the greasy spoon place, the better.

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              I love mushroom omelette, especially with cheese! What is black pudding?

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                A sausage made from pigs blood, oatmeal, pork fat and seasoning.

                They're sold already cooked so only need warming through (simmered if eating whole, fried if in slices or chunks).

            2. Um, bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon? Egg sandwiches on homemade Kaiser rolls? Left over pumpkin pie? Chocolate birthday cake?

                1. Crepes... with fresh strawberries filled with yogurt, sour cream, or whipping cream... Request of my daughter for her 18th birthday breakfast.

                  1. Sex then pancakes then the 5* Sudoku.

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                        I can take or leave the sudoku.

                      2. Poached eggs, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, coffee and baked bread.

                        I love poached eggs!
                        but, Veggo's reply is much better than mine!

                        1. You sound like "my-kinda-folks," with your love and knowledge of the range of pancakes. I was raised on pancake-eating contests re: paper thin Norwegian pancakes- who in the family (cousins and all) could eat the most? For a couple of years (early 1960s), such contests were big entertainment among our extended family, if I recall. Your post brought back memories of a 5 or 8 year run, in the 1990s, of a tradition of trying a different pancake recipe every Sunday morning. Once in a while, we'd go French Toast or waffles. We collected hundreds of wonderful recipes and a couple of clunkers (the clunkers were usually vegetable based crepes that should be reserved for supper, if eaten at all). We bought different flours and mixes when we would travel. I think at one point, we had storage problems with about 12 or 15 bags of such. And every kind of syrup imaginable. Then one day when the love of my life decided that pancakes didn't fit in with a particular diet at the time, we decided to forego it, except as an occasional treat. Our nieces still insist on pancakes when they bring their own kids in for a weekend visit, so it remains a special memory-tradition.

                          Oh- the nieces would want you to know- real pancake syrup is the red Grenadine stuff. And lots of whipped cream, please.

                          1. Pancakes are great, though for me the perfect Sunday morning includes some kind of frittata! Perhaps WITH pancakes too. YUM!

                            1. Made this the other day and it was a great, exciting twist on Pancakes - they are light and fluffy and made with Greek Yogurt. I then topped them with an amazing mix of syrup, bourbon, mandarin oranges and bacon :) can't really go wrong. Photos and fuller details available on
                              Neurotickitchen.com on the post dated Sunday, September 30, 2012 - Recipe below too!
                              Greek Yogurt Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup + Mandarin Orange & Bacon Hash
                              Pancakes - Adapted from Recording Moments
                              Serves 3-4

                              Pancake Ingredients:
                              1 Cup Vanilla Flavored Greek Yogurt - we used Oikos Brand
                              1 Cup All-Purpose Flour
                              Pancake Batter, Photo: NK
                              1.5 teaspoons Baking Powder
                              3/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
                              1/2 teaspoon Salt
                              1 Egg
                              3/4 Cup Skim Milk
                              1/2 teaspoon Real Vanilla Extract
                              Salted Butter, for cooking the pancakes
                              *Optional Topping - Recipe Follows Below - Topping should be prepared just after the Pancake Batter has been made and before cooking the Pancakes.

                              Combine all Dry Ingredients together.

                              Whisk in Wet Ingredients into Dry Mixture, and mix gently until fully incorporated.
                              Optionally, prepare the Maple, Bourbon and Mandarin Bacon Hash Topping as below
                              Heat a skillet over medium heat and grease with an ample amount of Butter.
                              Pour Pancake Mix into a container with a spout or measuring cup and pour slowly into the skillet, forming uniform circles. Cook for a few minutes on one side until golden brown (these will cook quickly) and flip midway through. Set Pancakes aside in a stack and keep warm.

                              *NK's Bourbon Maple Syrup + Mandarin Orange & Bacon Hash
                              1/2 Cup Real Maple Syrup
                              1 15 Ounce Can of Mandarin Orange Segments, rinsed, drained and patted dry
                              5 Slices of Thick-Cut Bacon, diced into small pieces
                              1 Tablespoon Bourbon, plus more to taste if you like

                              In a small pan, cook Bacon Bits to your desired doneness. Drain Bacon Bits on paper towels and set aside. In another small pan, heat Maple Syrup and Bourbon together until sufficiently warm.

                              To serve, remove Maple Syrup from the heat and stir in Mandarin Segments. Spoon the mixture over Pancakes and sprinkle all over with Bacon Bits. Enjoy!

                              1. It's getting to be the time of year I start making pumpkin pancakes, yummm

                                1. One word: Ebelskivers

                                  If you don't know what they are, look them up. They're the single-most awesome breakfast food invented since bacon.

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                                  1. re: Quintious

                                    Yes they are lovely. I have purchased the pan and made one try at them. They are not that easy to make, I need a tutorial at home!

                                    1. re: Ruthie789

                                      We bought an electric ebelskiver maker. That keeps the heat constant, then it's just a matter of mastering chopsticks to flip them. Perfect every time!

                                      1. re: Quintious

                                        Just saw the electric ebelskiver available at Williams-Sonoma. In Style for the month of October featured a recipe for Ebelskiver with Artic Char, certainly not breakfast food but perhaps brunch.

                                        1. re: Ruthie789

                                          That's the same one we have. We also bought a book from Amazon titled, appropriately enough, Ebelskivers, which has proven to be an awesome resource.

                                          Honestly, our weekend isn't complete without an ebelskiver breakfast. They're like little balls of awesomness filled with unicorn warmth and edible glitter.

                                          1. re: Quintious

                                            Well I wish I had purchased the electric one. I paid $40 for my cast iron one. I need to retry again with a good recipe.

                                            1. re: Quintious

                                              " They're like little balls of awesomness filled with unicorn warmth and edible glitter."

                                              Hahaha! I'm sold.

                                        2. re: Ruthie789

                                          I made the mistake of buying the nonstick pan. That was a complete failure. I replaced it with a cast iron one and it's all good now. The only real trick is a good recipe, putting a tiny bit of butter in each well and getting the cooking temp right. Just takes a little practice.

                                          1. re: rasputina

                                            I had to special order my cast iron pan. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking, my ebelskivers were not picture perfect and I find them difficult to master. Have seen them on Youtube as a tutorial but need a lot of practice.They certainly tasted good.

                                        3. re: Quintious

                                          I do like making them in my cast iron pan. Love that they are one serving ready all at the same time instead of waiting for individual pancakes.

                                          1. re: Quintious

                                            Ebelskivers - do you have a recipe for them? I have tried a recipe or two, but they were not even like the ones I tasted at a food booth at a fair one time. Always wanting to recreate that taste, but no luck so far. Perhaps you could share the magic one.

                                          2. It's been a long time since I made pancakes. Maybe a couple of years. Last batch was excellent. Nice and light. A good recipe if I knew where to look. Since I'm not generally a recipe guy, what are your best tricks/techniques for perfect pancakes? I know it falls under baking where quantities are more exacting

                                            1. Chocolate German Pancakes. Satisfies both my craving for pancakes and lets me indulge in some chocolate while still being technically breakfast and not dessert

                                              1. i grew up eating pancakes every Sunday morning. Plain, banana, or blueberry, lots of butter and maple syrup. When I'm out for breakfast, unless it's a work thing, nine out of ten times, I'm ordering pancakes. Bugs me that so many spots do not offer maple syrup.

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                                                  A can in Quebec where there is a surplus of maple syrup costs about $8.00 on sale, often runs up to $10.00 and more. No wonder they do not offer it in restaurants.

                                                  1. re: Ruthie789

                                                    I know it's not cheap but I'm already paying for the pancakes. Charge me a little extra for the maple syrup, or at least give me the option to pay an upcharge if I want it.

                                                    1. re: Hungryhughy

                                                      I agree with you. I would be willing to pay more for maple syrup on my pancakes. I make my own, very rarely enjoy them in restaurants. I opt for French toast at restaurants, and yes real maple syprup would be awesome.

                                                    2. re: Ruthie789

                                                      Surplus? I have read that the surplus has been purloined, but I'm sceptical.

                                                      1. re: Veggo

                                                        A substantial amount of maple syrup was stolen last year, in the millions. They have found two warehouses of it recently. Yes there is a surplus of maple syrup but it is very expensive to purchase all the same.