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Apr 15, 2012 10:18 AM

eating sushi takeout that's been in the refrigerator for a few hours

I am working late tonight but have my mind set on a nice, refreshing sushi dinner tonight, but of course my favorite sushi place closes at the same time that I will be heading home. I thought I could use a break to make a quick trip at 7ish to pick it up and put it in the fridge at home and eat it when I get home at 11pm. It's only 4 hours so I imagine it won't have much of an effect however I know that when you leave sushi in the fridge overnight the rice gets a bit dry. Would this be long enough to have that effect? Thanks.

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  1. Depends on whether the sushi has been sitting around all day or if they make it for you fresh. Also depends on how long the rice has been sitting in the machine. Generally it should be completely fine though. I've often eaten sushi the next day and its been ok. Obviously not as good as fresh, but still better then not having it at all. I don't think you'll be disappointed though.

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      Ok, good. Yea, a few bits of dry rice won't ruin a few rolls of sushi, but like you said just don't want to go through the trouble and it be a disappointing less than yummy dinner. They usually make it fresh when you order, so I guess I'll keep my hopes up.

    2. Have you ever had supermarket sushi? Or Costco sushi? That has been sitting around for at least a few hours and the rice is OK. I have never had an issue waiting for that time, but if you are concerned, you can always stick to rolls with sauces to keep the moisture and sashimi instead of sushi.

      1. The temp. is a major factor. Stick the sushi in the warmest part of the fridge, like a veggie drawer. But 4 hours will definitely have an effect. I can't eat supermarket sushi, I think the texture from the slight chill is disgusting.

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          You can let it rest at room temp a bit to soften up the rice, but the snap to the nori can't be brought back.

        2. A Japanese friend of mine stated that sushi sitting around longer than 4 hours (refrigerated) should be avoided for health reasons (rough guide). It was a response to a question after she was telling me the story of someone (non-Japanese living in Japan) was complaining of numbness and tingling feelings - then she found out he was buying sushi the day before and putting it in the fridge to eat the next day...... that being said sushi in Japan would likely have more variety than local sushi as opposed to most of the store bought sushi is tuna and salmon which I suspect last longer than other fish used in sushi (i.e. depends on the fish).

          Avoid getting any shrimp sushi though since shrimp/prawn release an enzyme when they die cause the shrimp to decay starting almost immediately which is why if you don't get fresh shrimp immediately - often frozen is better.

          Other than the health aspects (which the Japanese are more diligent about) refrigerating sushi will retard the decay of the fish, but it will also dehydrate the sushi rice. When a sushi chef makes the rice, they will cook the rice - then mix in vinegar etc. then take the prepared sushi rice and keep it around 30C temperature which is the proper temperature for the sushi...... whereas fish (other than shrimp) will come from a refrigerated storage area (I believe). So when you store the sushi in the refrigerator, then take it out and let it sit -- the resulting sushi will be no-where close to the sushi that you would have had at a sushi restaurant. Obviously, sashimi would be easier to refrigerate :o

          Summary: It won't be the same, but if you don't die or feel tingly - you probably will be ok :o (and I wrote this one sober :o)