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Apr 15, 2012 10:12 AM

Greek in Rockville Centre? Other places nearby?

Which is the good greek place in Rockville Center, is it Greek Town on Village Ave near Homegoods? or is it another.........also, what is great and reliable and reasonably priced and CLEAN in rockville center or surrounding area........passed a place Swiss Tavern in Oceanside that looked good, and also, heard that Joe's in Oceanside is good...anyone in those areas that can give update on good places--also, heard Taverna an Italain place in Oceanside good also....thanks.

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  1. i can say i'm not a fan of Greek Town. Don't know the other places you asked about.

    1. I've had my share of food from Greek Town. The falafels are pretty good. The gyros aren't bad, but I've had better elsewhere. The greek sausage entree & the lemon chicken are decent; the pilaf is unremarkable; the onion topping I found memorable - as in I'll remember to never order that again.

      Greek Corner in Franklin Square is my gyro go-to place. I don't want to know how much the grease contributes to the flavor, but I do find it quite tasty. Its very full & I usually add extra tomato to lighten the fare.

      Gyrolicious in East Meadow has lighter fare - maybe a little less delicious too.

      If you consider shwarma the jewish gyro, Hummus World in Roslyn has the best gyro then. Its solid chunks of browned chicken - actually I get the shawafel with has falafel balls & their fantastically smooth hummus (the hummus is really spectacular I must admit). Don't man up & get the hot sauce - the green "mild" is plenty hot (he brown is unholy hellfire). The only downsides are they aren't cheap & the ambiance is truly lacking. But the food... that's what get me to come back.

      Abe's Pitaria in Island Park I went to once. They tomato jus saturated the thin pita resulting in a soggy mess. And I didn't like their baba - but I prefer mayo based baba.

      Souvlaki Spot in Mineola I've been to a more than once, but I only really remember the lemon potato wedges. Very yellow & lip puckeringly sour.

      1. Gyro Boss in Rockville Centre made me a nice pork souvlaki pita wrapped sandwich. They were kind enough to omit the lettuce and replace with a few fries in the pita.

        Friends like their lemon potatoes. Although it is a takeout joint, the tables fill up and may not leave much space for you if you choose to eat in.