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Apr 15, 2012 09:13 AM

Chocolate mousse cake

I volunteered to do the catering for a friend's wedding as a wedding gift. For the cake, he wants a rich dark chocolate mousse cake. I've never made a chocolate mousse cake, so I would appreciate some guidance.

We were discussing the following layers: chocolate cake | chocolate mousse | chocolate cake | chocolate ganache | whipped cream + strawberries on the top.

I've done some internet searches, and I've not been convinced by any of the recipes I have seen thus far. The kind and knowledgeable folk on chowhound usually lead me in the right direction, so I'm hoping you can do so again :). If you have a recipe that you have used with success, please post. If you have any tips for the making, they would be appreciated.

I will make a test cake about a month before. Unfortunately,I won't be making the wedding cake in my oven/kitchen, which does make me a bit nervous. But I'm usually a good baker so I'm hoping that won't matter.

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  1. I would look into Cooks Illustrated's Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake. It is incredible.

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      I 2nd Cook's Illustrated Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.The cake gets lighter as you go up to create a delightful contrast in textures and minimize heaviness -- the bottom layer is a flouless chocolate cake, the middle layer is chocolate mousse and the top layer is like a white chocolate chiffon. I am not much of a baker but I made this cake for Xmas to rave reviews.

      Here is a helpful blog I used to make this Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake:


      FYI, for the white chocolate layer, I melted imitation white chocolate chips and it turned out great. The blogger used real white chocolate but Cook's Illustrated found that they got better results from using imitation white chocolate.

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        I always use El Rey or Callebaut. I do not like the taste of white chocolate that doesn't contain cocoa butter...

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          That looks fantastic. Thanks, Becca and Norm. Going to see if that meets his approval and try it out.

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          Resurrecting this thread.....Since I don't like white chocolate do you guys think I can still get three nice layers if I also use bittersweet chocolate for the top layer?

          Since only the top layer has gelatin, would the difference between the middle and top layers be noticeable or would you guys recommend maybe milk/semi-sweet chocolate instead.

        3. Start with this and use strawberries instead of raspberries.

          While the chocolate covering the outside is pretty, I've frosting this cake, too--layered first in a springform pan, refrigerate. Make sure to make a damn w/ the ganache to hold in the mousse. I don't use special transfer paper but get florist paper--cheaper but no pretty designs. I love this cake for special occasions.

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            Looks really impressive. Definitely something for a special occasion. Will do a test run to see if this will be possible to make there.

            I foresee a month of making myself very popular with friends who are willing to taste-test...

          2. Would this cake be out on display during the event, as most wedding cakes are? If so, chocolate mousse could be tricky, as far as having it stay solid, and if you need to stack layers they will need full support and to not be pressing on the layer below.

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              It's a small wedding, so he's not fussed about it being on display throughout. It will also be really cold (middle of winter June day). It's just meant to be the dessert on the day.

            2. The original comment has been removed