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Apr 15, 2012 08:16 AM

Five Hooks Fish Grill—don't bother

Upper Queen Anne could use some more decent casual restaurants—but this ain't it. It wasn't crowded on Friday night at 6:30ish, and there were no more than three tables per server, but the service took forever—getting menus, getting someone to take our order, getting our food, getting the check, getting the credit card slip back. I mean, forever.

Decent food might have mitigated the service. We ordered a basket of fried clams, scallops and shrimp; seared rare tuna; and kids' fish and chips. The clams were unchewable. The scallops tasted like nothing. The shrimp were fine, and the cocktail sauce was really good. The tuna was bland and the accompanying rice was gummy. The fries were fine, and my kid liked the fried cod (clearly not battered in house, which is okay for a 3-year-old).

I have stopped saying "fine" when asked how food is, if it's not. I figure that if I ran a restaurant, I would want to know. When this waitress asked, I told her we couldn't chew the clams (to explain the expectorated remnants in the basket; I didn't say anything about the uneaten tuna and scallops), and she took that off the bill.

Everyone who worked there was friendly, at least.

Is there *anything* chowworthy and kid-friendly on the top of the hill?

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  1. I've occasionally had a good meal at Paragon. It's dicey however. Good one night. Meh the next.

    1. Bummer to hear all of that. That space has been a restaurant graveyard and I guess it will continue to be.

      To answer your question, Via Tribunali probably comes closest. Everything else is either not great (Paragon, Flame, etc.) or not kid-friendly (Hilltop Ale House, Betty).

      1. Have been at Five Hooks several times since they opened and the salmon and halibut melts in your mouth! Had great experience and been very pleased with thefood. Hopefully people will continue to give them a chance..........oh and the sweet potato fries are great!