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Apr 15, 2012 06:54 AM

Dungeness crabs, and...

Some girlfriends are coming to visit me in Seattle, and they want to eat dungeness crabs. We'll fix them at home, but that doesn't make a meal (at least not at $30 a crab). What else, that I can either make ahead or takes minimal prep? I'm used to Maryland crabs, which we throw on the table with some corn on the cob and beer.

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  1. Oh, my. I lived out on the Olympic Peninsula 30+ years ago, and crabs were so cheap--already steamed, less than $2 each. We were dirt poor, and lived on razor clams we dug ourselves, free salmon from the hatchery where we lived, and crabs from the grocery store.

    Now I am not quite dirt poor, but I sure can't afford $30 for a crab.

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    1. re: sparrowgrass

      I was guessing. But they are expensive. Which is why each person is getting a half and I need to make something else too :)

      We will probably be grazing at the market in the afternoon, so it doesn't have to be a huge meal.

    2. For a special person from the East Coast, I served one crab each, curried carrot soup with toasted sourdough French bread, and a jumbo-sized artichoke. I had melted butter and cold hollandaise sauce for the crab and artichokes.

      Cold hollandaise = hollandaise sauce at room temp, mixed with half as much sour cream and mustard to taste. This keeps nicely in the fridge.

      1. A stuffed avocado half (I stuff them with a savory coleslaw made with a bit of horse radish and some finely chopped shrimp) goes well with just about any sea food main course.

        1. sweetpotater,

          I like the below post of serving steamed artichokes, and having shared dipping sauces for both. You could also roast up some asparagus - to have something not rich on the side as well.

          A Ceasar salad would be great with crab as well. And lots of crusty bread. A choice of white wine or beer.

          For dessert, fresh strawberries and Full-Tilt salted caramel ice cream. Nice and local.

          Let us know what you do!

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          1. re: gingershelley

            Artichoke sounds perfect. Plus, my husband hates artichoke, and he won't be there.

            I'm sure I'll make dessert ahead of time, though we will have plenty of ice cream throughout the weekend, if this is anything like our past girls weekends.

          2. I can't imagine them being $30 per, except at a place like Whole Foods or a restaurant. Any Asian grocery should have them for about 6 bucks a pound, so about $12 each.

            But wherever you get them and whatever you pay, steamed corn, potatoes, artichokes and sausage are always a good bet and you can steam them up at the same time with minimal fuss.