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Apr 15, 2012 05:02 AM

Pho 16 WPB

While visiting WPB last week from NY we stopped in at Pho 16. If you are looking for Vietnamese and are in the area, I highly recommend a visit. We had the Pho Special Soup, Grilled Beef Wrapped in Grape Leaves, a real winner, Summer Rolls, Shrimp Fried Rice, Vermicelli and Spring Rolls with Pork, all of our dished were super fresh and flavorful, We also ordered Sugar Cane Shrimp, but it wasn't the dish we expected, which usually has the shrimp paste spread on a piece of cane, this was more like a summer roll, tasty but not the same dish at all. I'd go back weekly if I lived in WPB. Found this article which has address etc. http://www.pbpulse.com/dining/restaur...

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  1. Just learned about Pho 16 while I was having a pedi (and I trust her opinion) so we passed by to pick up a menu. On a Friday night it was slammin' and I really want to come back and experience it for myself. Thanks for posting this Michele!

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      Looking forward to your report back!

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        went to Pho 16 and really enjoyed it...very good Vietnamese for the West Palm area

        I got the bun thit nuong and it was massive and delicious

        Ricky Ly

      2. Really like this place. It's quick and really tasty. The variety on the menu is great. And if you have a cold, this chicken soup also does the job!

        1. not a bad place. pho is just slightly on the heavy side but the stir-frys were fabulous