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Apr 15, 2012 04:40 AM


We are a group of friends that are planning a trip to Alsace in june/july. We`re thinking of renting a house in Colmar and make a lot of food there. So we need suggestions on good bakers, fine food shops etc in Colmar and in surronding area.

We are quite fond of wine and are planning to try the Restaurant de la Gare in Guewnheim and Winstub de sommelier in Bergheim. Anybody been there? They`re supposed to have great winelist in both places. We are also considering lunch at L`Arnsbourg and Auberge de i`ill. Anybody been there recently? Are there other restaurants or food related musts in Alsace that we should check out.

We are also considering winetastings. I saw that some producers like Trimbach have "walk-in tastings"? Anybody got some tips to get a nice experience when it comes to tastings?

hope somebody can help out.. Jorn

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  1. Do the cheese tasting at Bernard Antony.

    1. l would do tastings at Mann and Schoffit, mention Peter Weygandt, their American importer and suspect you will be treated well. Been to both L'Arnsbourg and Auberge de I'll and while great wine lists, ADI better, was not blown away by either. As mentioned the cheese tasting at Antony in Vieux-Ferrette is a must and IMHO, the reason foodwise to go to Alsace.

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        Thanks for replies.. looks like Bernard Antony is a must. I`m sure ADI and L`Arnsbourg got great winelists, but meant the other restaurants; which is supposed to have very good and affordabel lists. Did you find any restaurants that blew you away ?

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          If you are willing to drive an hour south of Colmar to visit Antony (we recommend it too), then you may also want to drive 30 min north to Blienschwiller, to Le Pressoir de Bacchus, which I addressed here (, along with some wine-related things. It was our favorite dining experinece of 4 days in Alsace in Sept 2011, and I recall a very good local wine list. Regional cooking with a touch of elegance. Here's a pic of Antony's small cheese plate (he also offers a four course extravaganza) , and also pics of two plats at Le Pressior, including a fine elegant choucroute garnie. -- Jake

      2. I highly recommend Auberge du Cheval Blanc in Lembach, 1 star in the Reg Guide. It is great, located in an old post house in a charming village. They serve foods that certainly trace their roots to Alsace but modernized and made elegant. You will not be disappointed and you can have dinner there at a substantial discount to what you might spend at l'Arnsbourg or Auberge de l'Ill. I have been to both of those too and do prefer ADL against Arnsbourg but these two do completely different styles of cooking so are not easy to compare. Here is a link. And, le Cerf in Marlenheim is a good choice too

        1. Hi Jorn,

          Walk-in tastings are all well and good, but as you are serious about your wine, I would suggest that you write to them and set up an appointment, particularly if you have a decent-sized group. I have not visited Trimbach; other large houses such as Hugel do have walk-in tasting rooms but I don't believe the space is meant to cater for groups. You will also be jostling with other walk-ins, which is not ideal.

          For me, the must-do tasting is Domaine Weinbach at Kaysersberg (by appointment only). Catherine Faller hosted us and we had the single best and most enjoyable wine-tasting session bar none. Of course, the tasting was free but the wine was so good we ended up shipping back a few cases! We followed up with dinner down the road at the one-starred Chambard - this place has mixed reviews on this board, but I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless.

          You may also care to check out these threads, which have a similar theme to yours: and

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            I should add I would only take the private appointment route if you are intending to buy / are open to buying wine. While I doubt they will take offence if you don't buy after a walk-in tasting, private appointments will often be with the proprietor or a member of the family as Alsace wineries are often small, family-run affairs.

            Some of the most sought-after tastings, such as Weinbach and Zind-Humbrecht, accept visitors by appointment only, so it may be worth checking in advance once you have made your picks.

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              Just want to thank you all. What a great forum this is.. We`re not going before summer so I`m open for more advice:) Thinking of just go to either ADI or Auberge de i`ill, and check out some of the reasonable places.

          2. Hi Jorn
            Great idea to rent a house in Colmar, you'll have a ball. The best cheese shop in town is the Fromagerie St Nicolas, Jacky Quesnot. Also the covered market, just around the corner from JYS (a restaurant you might want to take a look at), has loads of local produce, open daily. There are good street markets too, certainly on Saturdays and probably on other days too - ask around.
            We loved the Rest. de la Gare in Guewenheim which indeed has a spectacular wine list ; the food's good too - it's a little way south of Colmar, close to Mulhouse. The Winstub du Sommelier is well worth a visit, in the picture-postcard, beamy village of Bergheim. While you're there you might want to set up a tasting (by appointment) at Marcel Deiss, and also at Sylvie Spielmann.
            The Auberge de l'Ill is what they call a valeur sure - can't really go wrong, not particularly spectacular/creative, just fine food beautifully presented in a superb setting - if you're there in the summer, go for lunch so you can enjoy the garden - and the resident stork, Hansala, who coasts in at the end of lunch to salute diners through the window.
            Trimbach are delightful and you'll have a fine tasting, but I echo what someone else wrote below: send them a mail to let them know you're coming. It'll indicate you're serious about getting to know their wines.
            Other fave restaurants are L'Atelier du Peintre in Colmar, La Taverne Alsacienne in Ingersheim just outside Colmar, Winstub Chambard (not the gastro resto, overpriced and chilly) and D'Brendelstub in Riquewihr - just about opposite Hugel, who are also worth contacting for a visit/tasting.
            Have fun!

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              Thanks Sue, so nice to get that kind of information. We now got reservations at Auberge de i`ill, Rendes-vous de la Chasse and the cheese cermonie des fromages at Bernard Antony. I will choose three of these; Winstub de sommelier, Restaurant de la Gare, Le Pressoir de Bacchus, D`Brendelstub. JYS and L`Atelier du Peintre. We have a child with us so we prefer to eat lunch. We also will spend one day in Basel; so I suppose we need a restaurant there as well
              About wine tasting I`m considering private appointments at domaine Weinbach, Trimbach and maybe Marcel Deiss. I`m a little wooried about the expectations for buying after a visit. Its okay to buy some bottles to drink while we are there, but I`m not interested in buying a lot. Mainly because were trsvling by plane, and because its fairly easily available wines in Norway.Do you think this will be a problem? Also; how many wines is it normal that they will present?