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Apr 15, 2012 02:13 AM

Titanium Spork

Hey guys, where can I get the titanium spork by Snow Peak? I only found it at Mountain Equipment Co-op.. but I don't feel like paying them $5 for the membership. Anybody know another place where I can get it? Thanks.

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  1. LIke you'll never buy anything else from MEC ever? Five bucks buys a lifetime membership...

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Yup, I'll never buy anything from there again.

    2. thinkgeek has them for sale at $8.99. Picked one up when I was ordering a couple other doodads.

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      1. re: damonster

        Shipping to Canada is expensive though. Did you also have to pay customs? That's why I'm trying to look for one locally.

        1. re: moonknight

          No I didn't have any customs charges added on. Yes you are right shipping isn't cheap, for my items it was $5.99, and I'm not sure how they charge for it ie weight/# of items. Pretty sure I just went with the standard shipping as well.
          Also these sporks are incredibly light, so I don't think weight will be an issue if you're getting a few.

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        1. Try LeBaron. I know they have sporks I'm just not sure if they carry a titantium one...

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