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Apr 15, 2012 01:20 AM

Doings at Amerigo in Savigno

Received this in my email this morning from Amerigo dal 1934, an excellent restaurant outside of Bologna, in Savigno (


taking a stroll, having a picnic and great fun

A calendar of events, from April to October,
where people, tales, nature and gastronomy interweave.

We will discover together our Appennine Mountains, having a walk among chestnuts, orchards and badlands, tower houses, springs, rural churches and memory places.
Our unusual trips are a real source of inspiration if you go on them with other people, walking in contact with nature until usually otherwise unreachable reachable places, while picking up every suggestion without distractions.
Our cooking traditions, based on product seasonality and on what we get from our garden, fields and woods, will be our central thread. We enjoy the idea of thinking about linen tablecloths on grass, smiles, music, simple and natural products for a typical Amerigo style picnic.
Don’t worry, we will arrange the food. You may just want to come properly equipped with comfortable shoes, camera, notebook, binoculars...or what you prefer. If you lose sight of the end man, make sure at least you don’t lose the map we will give you! We are clearly joking, our tracks won’t be hard, the rhythm won’t be pressing and half of time we are going to spend together will be dedicated to motor activities for your jaws and mind.
Our first date

Saturday, the 28th of April 2012
Farmers, tower houses, strange springs and famous cellars along the river bed.
Departure: Savigno 260MSL, 10,00 A.M. Track end: Fagnano 175MSL
Journey back to Savigno by “Corriera” (bus) at 15,15
Track length: 8,5km - Difficulty: easy – Rises and drops-150 +65
Territory: Path, headland, stream shore, grass, orchard
Total 5h15min: 2h45min walk and 2h30min relaxation and stops
Foods: Surprise snacks and refreshments along the path; wines and cellars; spring mushrooms and much more!!
55 Euro per person all inclusive. Children and teenagers up to 12 years: 50% reduction. If you wish to spend a night at our inn, ask for special prices reserved to our guests during the “Scampagnate” weekends.
For further information and bookings:; Marina 3333075219; Alberto 3355289756

Coming soon

Saturday, the 26th of May
Virtuous circuit among artisans and artists in Samoggia amphitheatre, along Costa path, around the “Pieve”, at the Sanctuary and at Castle ruins.
Follow the links of our next events for further information about details, time and price or write or phone us, if you prefer; we will be glad to give you all information you may need.

Other dates coming soon !


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  1. In this morning's email:

    On Tuesday, the 13th of August
    ancestral, familiar, on the yeast, natural red sparkling wines…
    We have almost got to the XV edition
    and we could well define this event a great classic of the Summer.
    Gnocco...crescentine...tigelle and red sparkling wines will be the protagonists of our evening, together with our cooked
    pesto montanaro, the famous cold cuts from Mora Romagnola free range pigs, Slow Food Praesidium mortadella,
    our local cheeses, the vegetable and fruit preserves from our own Dispensa and other surprises.
    We will blindly taste five different, new “old style” red sparkling wines, we will find out distinctive features, grape blends, production areas and the winner will be decreed only at the end of the evening. We are just aiming at offering a stimulus
    to enhance our curiosity, entertainment and to develop a pleasant dialogue, in a very relaxing environment and atmosphere.
    The price of the evening per person is 45 Euros. We are not going to start having dinner together, as it would happen for all other evenings. Since the menu is a very "informal"one, you will be free to have your dinner from 20 to 21:30 p.m, at your pleasure. We won't skimp on wines, we will be generous… 60 bottles for 50 guests.
    For reservations or further information: 051 6708326 –

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      Ah for the spirit and custom of Ferragosto - instead of working as usual in my office for the month of August. Sounds wonderful.