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Apr 15, 2012 12:08 AM

How to make a Good Eggroll Easy!

I love these certain egg rolls I get in my city from a vietnamese eggroll place. They are so crunchy and with sweet sauce are to die for. I would love to know how to make an eggroll. My neighbor who is Japanese makes a good spring roll. Thinner than an eggroll. And I like those too. One day I'm going to invite her over to teach me how she makes hers. She uses alot of those clear noodles. The eggroll place uses more veggies but I think they have some clear noodles too. One time I tried to make some eggrolls and they were so SOGGY.. gross. I think my vegetables (cabbage,carrots) were too wet. I need to learn the nack for it! Any ideas or help??

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  1. A lot of practice. They are a bit messy. I have not mastered the art but I'm getting better. Saute your veggies first the place in a strainer to get rid of extra juice. That also helps with the splattering of the hot oil.

    Tip: Don't overfill. That will help them be consistent

    Tip#2 : Don't forget the beer and hot sauce. Tamari also.

    Make sure the contents are a consistent size. I use cabbage, carrots, sprouts, garlic, ginger, scallion, mushrooms, ground chicken. I pre cook the meat.

    1. I was taught to salt down the cabbage mixture first. Let it stand until wilty then drain and press out as much of the liquid as possible before use.

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        I'd agree with that. Only difference is that I salt, let stand, rinse (in a lot of water), drain and press out the liquid.

      2. Try this. It works pretty well.
        Trick is to avoid over filling them.

          1. Thanks for all the good advice. I know that I should have Pressed out the liquad, Trial and error. Also Makeing sure the Oil is hot enough. I think mine was, Also I did stuff too much mixture. So I will Try again and take all your advice.Also thanks Todao for the recipe, I'll try that one next~