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Apr 14, 2012 11:07 PM

Best places in Palm Springs?

Looking for best places in Palm Springs. Will be there for three days in May. Right now, Trio and Spencer's are on the list. What say you?

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  1. Any luck, SeattleSam? Any reviews, or must-dos?

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      Well, we ended up going to Lulu's, Spencer's and Le Vallarius. Lulu's was okay -- very "hip," but food was average. Spencer's has a great ambiance. Again, food was good, nothing to write home about. However, Le Vallarius was exceptional in every regard. Great setting, incredible food, superb service. If I were going to Palm Springs, this would be the only restaurant on my "must-do" list, although I heard good things about Trio.

    2. Glad you loved Le's been my fave for many many years and it never disappoints.
      I'll be headed to PS in a couple of months and going to hit up Cheeky's and Morgan's at La Quinta Resort..

      1. Glad you dined at le vallarius. I think it's one of the Coachella valley's best. Another one I just recently tried and loved was lavender in old town la Quinta. Maybe next time you are out this way!

        1. Can't wait for Wilma & Frieda's Cafe in Palm Desert to open!

          1. Since this appears to be the most active thread for dining in the desert, I'm hoping somebody can help me out! Will be celebrating a 40th bday and need an affordable place for large group dining. We figure a hotel buffet will be the way to go to provide a sense of ambiance w/o breaking the bank. Has anyone tried both dinner buffets at Cava (Renaissance Esmerelda) and Rockwood Grill (JW Marriott Desert Springs) & can tell me which is better? I understand Rockwood Grill only recently opened, so I haven't found much about it online. Thx for your help!

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              We've stayed several times at the JW Desert Springs and have had fab meals at Mikado.
              Don't know about Rockwood Grill..
              Did you look into Le Vallarius for your 40th birthday is one of the best and the patio is lovely.

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                Oops! Posted to the wrong thread! (there's another long one going that has like 95 mssgs, will re-post there)!

                Have looked into Le Vallarius, out of our price range. Most of the finer dining restaurants have large group menus that start in the $50s...would be ideal to find something under that. I did see that Acqua Pazza has reasonably priced large group dining menus...but not too sure about that place. ?

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                  imo acqua pazza is pretty good. They are very reasonable and have outstanding summer specials. The food will probably not blow your mind but that's hard to find in the desert anyway. Its a pretty, fun, lively place.
                  Have fun!

              2. re: Chowriffic

                We had good meals at both Le Vallauris and Tinto. Neither would stand up to your favorites in any other metropolis (or micropolis, for that matter), but they both made us very happy in different ways. We did the chefs tasting menu at Tinto, and I'd say he batted .750, with the winners being real standouts and the losers being totally passable. Le Vallauris was tasty, but it's their classic ambience that gets them by -- it's not the greatest French restaurant any of you will eat at this year by a stretch, but if your expectations are set right you'll have an absolutely wonderful meal. We ate outside, on the patio, and were totally delighted. The owner makes his rounds and chats with everyone in that weird mix of avuncular and seductive that only an older Frenchman can pull off.