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Apr 14, 2012 07:27 PM

Calorie listings at chains

What does everyone think about the calorie "revelations" on menus at places like Pizzaria Uno, Burger King, Chilis, etc.? I suppose there's a case to be made about being informed, but the first time I saw them I lost my appetite and wanted to leave and never come back. Had I really been consuming that MANNNNNY every time I ate out? Ugh.

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  1. How many calories do you consume when you eat in?

    1. What do I think? Couldn't care less.

      I know what, and what is not, a healthy diet that suits me and eat accordingly through the week - albeit rarely sticking to what I know to be a healthy diet. Which is why I am a short, fat middle aged man, instead of being a short, middle aged man.

      1. I love them. I also understand they are averages - their accuracy is correlated to how maniacally a chain polices portioning of all ingredients (something that is typically not as easy to do for non-chain operations).

        1. Are people really that surprised? At many chains, the portions are huge, many things are fried and/or covered in cheese and one dessert can feed four people.

          1. whenever i eat at a place like that, i get so full part way through the meal that i couldn't possibly finish the rest of the dish...therefore it's no surprise that it's highly caloric! if i do end up eating there (i'm not going to sacrifice time with friends), i just order one dish, and try to stick to fish, especially something like grilled shrimp, or one of the highlighted healthy options. it helps to look up the info in advance, so then you can at least choose the least offensive option and know when to stop if your stomach isn't already telling you!