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Apr 14, 2012 06:50 PM

Lunch after Houston Harbor Tour

Next Saturday we are taking the Harbor Tour. When we come off the boat we will need lunch fairly soon (toddler in tow). Is there anything Chowish in the immediate area or nearby. I have been doing some searching and will do more. We like anything but fast food chains. I hope the Chowhounds might save me some time.

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  1. If this is the tour of the ship channel that's off Clinton then the first thing that comes to mind is The Original Mama Ninfas on Navigation.

    1. Knowing the location of your tour start would help. I agree with tlegray if that point is on Clinton Drive. Or you can hop on I-10 and be at several good restaurants on Washington in just a few minutes.

      1. Are you taking the Sam Houston boat tour? Fun fun activity. If Brady's Landing is still open, and I think it is, it's a classic place to eat on the channel.

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          Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. We are traveling in our RV and the internet connection has been useless. The tour does leave from Clinton. Mama Ninfas sounds like a good possibility. We will also look into Brady's Landing. Thanks.