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Apr 14, 2012 06:15 PM

Fort Myers - El Acajutla is a local gem that will make you a regular

El Acajutla has become one of my favorite places in Ft. Myers. It's primarily Salvadoran, but with other Central American cuisines represented as well.

The pupusas are incredible (I recommend the chicharonne y queso) as are many of the entrees. The Salvadoran Steak is flavorful with a great pepper, onion, and tomato sauce, and the Camarones Enchilados has a real kick. Try one of the Baleadas for a different take on a quesidilla, folded over but not smashed and filled with anything from beans to meats, cheese, and cream. The slaw and red sauce they serve as condiments for many dishes are addictive.

Service is incredibly friendly and attentive. The seating area is small, and it fills up quickly during dinner hours, but they are happy to do take out (they usually offer a delicious cup of the soup of the day while you wait for your take out order - take them up on it if they do).

The News Press had a write up recently:

It's located on Fowler just past the Popeye's between Winkler and Hanson.

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  1. I've only heard great things about this spot!
    When I'm in Ft Myers, I am often in a rush , so look forward to being there and having time for a beer, pupusas and shrimp!

    1. The wife and I just ate at this place about a week ago. It's a hole-in-the wall place for sure. Have to admit the food was excellent but the conditions were pretty run down and disgusting. There were these tiny little flies that kept pestering around our food and drinks, one of which fell in my wife's wine. She sent the wine back and got a bottle of beer. After seeing the fly drowning in the wine we both decided to cover our bottles with napkins while we ate.

      We ate very fast in order to beat the pesty flies. Such a shame, the food was excellent but we couldn't really enjoy it.

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        Wow, that's a shame. I've never run into flies there, but I do take out as often as I eat in.