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Feb 21, 2003 06:36 PM

Chuao chocolates - Encinitas

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I read about this place in the paper a while ago, and then stumbled upon it earlier this week. Some Venezuelan guy (Chuao)who gave up his career to make chocolates. I thought they were worth the hype, really high quality chocolates with unusual flavors. The small chocolates are $1 each, and the truffles $1.25. Chocolate hearts with passion fruit caramel, a strong passion fruit flavor, really unusual. A wrinkly-looking chocolate truffle flavored with honey. A cardamom-flavored chocolate! A ginger-green tea chocolate that was very subtle. You can just tell they are made with care. Somehow it seems important to me that San Diego has a high-quality chocolatier.

In the Lumberyard Shopping Center, Encinitas.

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  1. As both a chocoholic and chowhound, I agree! It's encouraging to see that San Diego can support independent, artisanal food shops.

    Chuao is definitely worth checking out. The chocolates are beautifully displayed and you can even see them being made in the back of the shop.

    My favorite is the Java truffle (chocolate and coffee).

    Here's a link to a Union-Tribune article about the shop.


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      I love Chuao. My favorite is the picante, a nice touch of spice.