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What are your best and worst restaurants you have dined at?

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  1. I'm sure someone else will respond with how you can find the Saratoga Springs food reviews on this blog. I'm not sure how to do it. Saratoga Springs restaurants have been exhaustingly dealt with on this blog. Well in excess of 200 comments or more.

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      Yes, just type "saratoga" into the search box on the top of the page. All the threads will come up.

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        Its been a long time since any of threads are that recent, seeing wuite a few have closed and new ones have opened!

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          Yes, I too would like to know what is good in Saratoga Springs.

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          Thanks, rrems. This is a great tip. All the individual Toga restaurant threads come up.

          I just went to Sperry's for brunch recently. Had not been there for brunch before, just dinner. Overall two good experiences. I'll have to post specifics about the food on the Sperry's thread when I get a chance . . .

      2. We've had a lot of discussion about meals we've enjoyed the most (these days, Sperry's is my favorite for best food, 9 Maple for best drink), but not so much about the town's low points. I've had consistently poor food, served poorly, at Lillian's, a popular joint on Broadway. I won't go there again voluntarily.

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          I had a horrible meal at Lillians the last time I was there. My dish was over salted and they couldn't cook a filet for my dad to save their own life. My coffee cup also had lipstick on it. I would avoid that place like the plague.

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              Gerchak you are on point with that one!

        2. My current bests for dinner are Sperry's, Maestro's, Saratoga National. Capriccio Saratoga, Harvest and Hearth for more casual dining.

          I usually post on this thread:


          I prefer to focus on the positive . . .

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            I understand you want to focus on the positive, but your best could be someones worst...the thread you recommend dates back to 2008 with the last post in 2011. Quite a few of the places mentioned have since closed: Dine, Gotchya's. Springwater, 8 tables, Lanci's, Brindisis, Chez Sophie, etc..It needs updating. I would say that Maestros and sperrys have both improved since then, also 28 tables was a best, now leaning to a not so!

          2. I like Wheatfields. It's my favorite restaurant in Saratoga Springs. It's an Italian place with very good pasta dishes and nice wine. It does get crowded so go early...

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              olivia7261, how often do you get to Wheatfields from the city? What are your favorite pasta dishes? Tell me more about the food.

              I've never been to either Wheatfields location (Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park) . . .

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                Wheatfields has one of the best happy hours in Saratoga, highly recommend it!

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                  we tried the clifton park location yesterday and really liked it. it was my first time at either although my wife has been to the saratoga location.

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                  I only get up to Saratoga Springs about once a year but I have been going for the past 10 years so I have been to Wheatfields many times (my first time in 2005). I always have at least one meal there when I am in SS. Sorry I dont remember specific dishes but they have fresh pastas and I've never had a bad pasta dish there. If you go up there often I recommend trying it.

                3. Folks, we've removed a few posts from this thread. Just a quick reminder that if you don't like a thread or a post, it's find to pass it by without answering. But please avoid answering to tell someone you don't like how they've chosen to post -- there's room on Chowhound for threads in different styles and approaches. It's fine to have a long running thread about a particular region that gets updated periodically. It's also fine to have additional threads about the same region.

                  1. My current favorites are Tiznow and Maestro. Prime at Saratoga National when price is not an issue. Bailey's has good casual fare (bar food, but a little more creative) and a great martini list. Forno Bistro has great pizza and beer/wine specials during the week, but I can't comment on their entrees. I think Stadium cafe is over rated (not bad, just overrated).

                    1. My wife and I have been going to Saratoga Springs for at least one weekend a year, having discovered it as a rundown town almost 25 years ago before it became the chi chi upstate version of SoHo or the meatpacking district. It now must be near the top of the list for restaurants per capita as any other destination. My birthday present every year is a weekend with the ballet at SPAC. We are often with our adult kids and younger grandchildren so it may be seating for eight.

                      In those early years Scallions was a take-out deli and appetizing spot with great salads and pastries, and its fine food was a lot less expensive than it is now in its new location. The food is still very good, with a nice vegetarian selection.

                      Wheatfields became a family tradition. It has gone from a small spot with pasta making machines in the window into an expansive restaurant. Food may not be great, but it is always good. They are very accommodating to families. Again, maybe not great, but always good with everyone satisfied. For years they had an "appetizer" called The Sampler, which was three heaps of three different pastas and sauces. It was fun to be presented with an “appetizer” that was a meal fit to feed two or three. It's off the menu. Bring it back.

                      Breakfast at Beverley's, where they made a vegetarian hash, was as fine a breakfast place as one might dream about, even though it was cramped and noisy. Sadly it is now closed. Still present is Country Corner Cafe which offers very excellent breakfasts with interesting and varied choices. They keep the coffee cups filled, and are very accommodating. I would like to find an alternative to Beverley’s so there is variety for a great breakfast.

                      Karavalli is a fine Indian restaurant, on a par with some of the best Indian food we had in London.

                      Mrs. London’s is still like the coffee house, bakery and pastry shop that it was in its old location. Excellent. As grand as can be. Uncommon Grounds is a Greenwich Village step-down version of Mrs. London’s. Good coffee.

                      As an alternative to a restaurant, consider picnicking in Congress Park with sandwiches and salads from Putnam Market. Wine also, from Putnam Wine next door.

                      Excuse my running on but dining in Saratoga Springs is a grand experience.

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                        Beverly is now serving Breakfast 2 The Turf Club on the corner of Union and Nelson!

                      2. I live here year round. Locals love Gaffney's corner Caroline and Putnam Sts. Excellent food at extremely reasonable prices and daily specials, locals go there for lunch. Old Bryan Inn popular and recently ate at the new Elizabeth's Table near City Center (liked it). Avoid Lillians and that place in the parking lot near the Farmers' Market, Mouzon House, worst meal I ever ate in a restaurant. This is a town where one can eat lunch and dinner in a different place for a month and have a few yet to try.

                        1. This year we dined at Mio Posto and had a fabulous meal, there were just 2 of us so that worked fine because it's a very small place but last year there were about 12 of us so we went to Longfellows and had a dismal experience.

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