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Apr 14, 2012 05:01 PM

40th Birthday for 20; serious foodies, but varying budgets

I am coordinating a 40th birthday celebration with 3 other hosts. 3 of us are serious foodies but we all have different budgets and want to think of a way to create an evening for the best food with the least amount of money.

Ideally there is a restaurant in Boston/Camb/Som/Brookline that has excellent food and we could pre order several appetizers or family style food and let people order their own drinks. The trick is a reserved or private area for the group to mingle a bit and hear each other.

This would be an elegant, much needed stylish night out for mothers who get to leave their families at home.

Thank you for any ideas.

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  1. Try The Brahmin on Stanhope st. They will give you a section in their lounge and the small plates are pretty good.

    1. my belief is that the best inexpensive food is boston is East Asian - since people do not like the term Oriental - and so hitting Golden Garden, Sichuan Gourmet, East Ocean Seafood, Rod Dee are all good and inexpensive alternatives. I have to admit that i am relatively indifferent to the setting though I am in the minority. You might call up the restaurant and inquire about BYOB policy; that will save money - though I always tip restaurants accordingly.

      1. I just wrote up another terrific meal at Rendezvous tonight. they have a big long table for you in the front of the restnt under the skylight. Lovely, accomodating, reasonable prices, very varied menu, exc service. That would be my suggestion.
        Wherever you consider, pull up their menus and then you can judge on the pricing aspect of the decision.

        1. Some budgetary guidelines would be helpful. Some of these suggestions already fall into what I would call mid-high.