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Apr 14, 2012 03:39 PM

What day of the week did Schwa cancel on you?


(if you have not been canceled on plz dont respond)

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  1. Canceled on once on Tuesday. Successfully dined at Schwa on three Fridays.

    1. Received a call on a Wednesday around 4:30pm cancelling our reservation that evening. Fortunately they offered me a spot for the next day and did not cancel that one. Awesome, awesome, awesome dinner, but definitely some drama in scoring a reservation. Am dining at a charity event tomorrow where Chef Carlson is battling against the chef from Ripasso in a cooking competition. Should be fun.

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      1. re: Gonzo70

        Very cool, Gonzo. Who's sponsoring the competition dinner event? Do they do others? Do share.

        1. re: chicgail

          Here is a link to the article where I had heard about it; it is being held at Ripasso and the chef there is doing a cooking competition against Chef Carlson for charity:

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            Chef Carlson did not comment on this thread tonight at the charity event. He (and Chef Gilbert of Ripasso) both cooked up some outstanding food though (and a lot of it). Carlson even made his signature quail egg raviolo. They raffled off two dinners at Schwa, but unfortunately I was not a lucky winner.

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              I am so envious! Wish I could have been there and would have if not a 1000 miles away. Great Chef and even better human being!

      2. Wednesday. I noticed recently those looking for a closing pattern. Take this for what it is worth but there is none! Schwa may close on Saturday as much as on Wednesday.

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          just glad to hear its not always on a Tuesday.

        2. I have extra seats for Friday night. We are coming in from out of town, and someone bailed on us. If any of you want to join us for Dinner on Friday at 7:30 let me know.