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Apr 14, 2012 03:39 PM

Seeking Stroller Friendly East Village Restos

Have a 4 month old girl. She is chill, and we are willing to eat at non-prime dining times (e.g., 5:30 or after 9:30).

So far, we've been to a couple of places. My ratings are below. Looking for recommendations also.
All price points are great, as long as they won't be freaked out by the kid.

The Smith (A). Good seating area and room for stroller, loud white noise kept kid asleep on a busy night.
Sao Mai (A) good about having the kid there, lots of room for stoller
Veselka (B+) usually good for stroller room, but can be a problem @ busy times. If you have a carrier, this would be a good place to wear it.

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  1. Also:
    Back Forty (A) was very accommodating as well, but can get busy and no room for stroller. Would be fantastic for kids that can sit in a high chair.
    Senor Pollo (A) chicken shack, room for the stroller. a little noisy, but not enough to be white noise.