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Apr 14, 2012 02:23 PM

Inspiration for a London weekly commuter

Currently spending a lot of time in London for work, usually tues to thurs. Food wise I have £25 evening meal allowance, and I have been rotating between Testi & Mangal Oakbasi in Dalston, Maoz, Yalla Yalla & Wong Kei in Soho, and the nearest Nandos or Wagamamma.

I stay either at Tower Hill or Southwark (office is in Bankside) and am looking to venture out food wise, whilst staying in budget and keeping to a reasonably healthy diet. Don't think I can give up my Turkish Oakbasi craving just yet but want to try something else.

Anyway chowhounders, inspire me!

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  1. Scotch egg or pork katsu curry rice @ Tsuru in Bankside (ok not exactly healthy :) )

    Various Punjabi dishes (saag paneer is a favourite) @ Truly Indian on Borough High Street

    Chacarero (a Chilean sandwich) @ El Vergel near Borough Tube (caveat: been a while since I've eaten there)

    Peruvian food -- favourites there include aji de gallina/chicken with a yellow pepper sauce, pato en aji/duck in a spicy red pepper sauce, lomo saltado/beef stir-fry with rice and chips @ Tito's near London Bridge -- and if you happen to try El Aguajal in Dalston, I'd be grateful for an update on this other Peruvian place

    Burger with truffle fries @ Goodman in the City

    Lanzhou-style hand pulled noodles @ Noodle Bar in Covent Garden/Leicester Sq

    Mixed roast meats on rice @ Four Seasons in Chinatown (both branches roughly the same)

    Wraps @ Mooli's in Soho might be worth a try, been a while for me

    Que Viet is one of my favourites on Kingsland Road Vietnamese, bun with grilled pork and cha nem/spring rolls were good at a recent lunch; have enjoyed their banh xeo in the past. Also, give the banh cuon @ Leong Kee a try to see if they're still great.

    Various nyona curry dishes and char kuay teow @ Sedap on Old Street

    Korean @ Dong San or Arang in Soho/Leicester Sq

    Hope the places fit your geographical parameters.

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    1. re: limster

      Cheers for that Limster, perfect set of ideas.

      Travel wise I don't really want to go beyond zone 3, I keep meaning to try east ham and the various keralia places there.

      1. re: portseven

        Rasa Travancore (the one with meat) in Stoke Newington. Get the duck. Get the fish. Get the dry fried mutton. The only Kerala place one should go to. Instead of the trek to East Ham (where Saravana rules the roost), Sagar in Cov Gdn is a decent alternative, more expensive and not quite as good, but shades it in the convenience factor.
        Maybe Burger and Lobster? 20 quid for either, so get the lobster!
        There's an interesting French place called Madeleine or something near Southwark, you may (may) be able to get in under 25 quid. If so, worth a shout.
        Ehtiopian on Caledonian Road - Merkato/Addis/Marathon.
        Georgian food on Caledonian Road - called Iberia, really really good actually. Get the dumplings, get the aubergine.

        1. re: Scythe

          I think the Southwark place you refer to is Magdalen. More modern British than French.

          1. re: greedygirl

            Yes correct. I am somewhat saved by my qualifier "interesting" to the French. Perhaps interesting French is now more modern British :)

            1. re: greedygirl

              Just googled it, and from the website: "We are not moved by the latest trends but look towards the robust classical cuisine of Britain and France."
              Man, you try and pin them down....